Words are great, but as they say, a picture is worth 1000 words. In this post, we talk about how AI is used to select the best visuals while converting an article to a video. 

Now that you've recorded your webinar and even posted on YouTube and social, what now?  How do you promote it so you get even more views? One of the best material to promote your webinar is several short clips representing the highlights of your webinar.

Let’s dig deeper to understand how this summarization is actually done. There are two main approaches to automatic summarization: extractive and abstractive.

Have you thought about using video to grow your business? Or repurposing video into micro-clips for social media? Then this webinar is for you.

Content, shared in the form of blogs, articles and other written forms, is the one of the fastest and easiest ways to share information online, whether individually or by a business. No wonder that each day, there are a staggering 2 million blogs being created .... 

Finding ways to quickly repurpose your long-form content to short-form videos can help maximize your content efforts. Watch the recording of our recent webinar here. 

You wouldn't share your webinar or video podcast recording raw? Would you? Pictory uses the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help anyone do common video post-production tasks. 

Did you know that 85% of the videos on social media are watched on mute? Captions provide a flexible way for your audience to consume your videos. Learn how to use Pictory to easily add captions to your video. 

Video recording has become very easy these days, but you might want to edit the video before sharing it on social media. You may want to cut out uninteresting sections or filler words. You may even want to summarize the video. You may want to add captions. You might want to add some B-rolls. You should make sure your video follows your company's brand guidelines. Pictory's newly released video editing capability uses AI to let you edit video in minutes.

This blog post is for digital marketers who are thinking about their video strategy going into 2021 and beyond. Two important dimensions to think of in videos are Frequency of creating videos and Fidelity of the videos. The key to getting your video strategy right is to use the right effort for the right kind of a job. Use the best video production agencies to produce the high fidelity, low frequency videos. But, when it comes to high frequency videos, the fidelity does not need to be that high. This is where easy-to-use tools like Pictory which let you repurpose text content to videos can be really helpful.


September 2020

Part 3: What if…? Video Production was as easy as writing an email?


Jim O’Farrell

As a product marketer, imagine if you could simply start with a published article, a PDF or even a video script that’s already been created? Now imagine using artificial intelligence (e.g. natural language processing) to automatically select the key themes, concepts and keywords – resulting in a video script in literally seconds – and providing you with a full script editor to fine tune this script.


September 2020

Part 2: A Product Marketer’s Perspective: Challenges with Video


Jim O’Farrell

To get the most value out of any content type — and video, especially — you need to have a lot of videos in your personal portfolio, or your brand’s arsenal.” (Better Marketing, January 2020) However, the challenge here to most marketer’s is their skill sets more often than not, do not include what is necessary to generate videos at scale. Let me make this more personal...


August 2020

Part1 : Product Marketing - Communication Challenges


Jim O’Farrell

Product marketing communications must be easily consumed and understood by your target audiences, must work on many devices - and most importantly, must be agile to meet rapidly changing product, and market conditions. Video is a great agile marketing communication format. It is easily consumed, easily understood and very memorable. 


August 2020

Case Study : Aeon Law's Key Partner in
Marketing Strategy


Vikram Chalana

When Adam Phillip came to know about Pictory, it seemed to take this entire load of video production off their back. They could convert their content to videos quickly, with custom branded call-to-actions (CTAs).


July 2020

Four Use Cases For Videos in Marketing


Vikram Chalana

For many organizations, videos are quickly becoming a part of their marketing strategy. Whether they are creating videos for YouTube, or LinkedIn campaigns, or for quick advertisements, videos show a better ROI for the marketers.


June 2020

Pictory is now GA


Vikram Chalana

After several months of development and a closed beta period, we are happy to announce that Pictory is now Generally Available (GA) to users around the world.  Pictory leverages advances in artificial intelligence (AI) to allows its users to easily create videos from text in minutes. 


January 2020

Teaser Videos in B2B Marketing


Vikram Chalana

Whether you are product marketer or content strategist, creating content that engages your customer (or even your own sales representatives) is your #1 job. Think about all the time and resources you spend on creating text content -- whether it is white papers, blogs, articles, or case studies. In my case, I even wrote a book -- more on that later!

About 10 years ago, articles and blogs were all the rage. The white papers I wrote got tremendous click throughs, generated lots of leads, and earned my company lots of new business. Over the years, there has been a steady decline of all engagement metrics of text content. 


Pictory is created by a team of marketers and technologists who are passionate about user engagement. 

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