July 2020

Four Use Cases For Videos in Marketing


Vikram Chalana

For many organizations, videos are quickly becoming a part of their marketing strategy. Whether they are creating videos for YouTube, or LinkedIn campaigns, or for quick advertisements, videos show a better ROI for the marketers.


June 2020

Pictory is now GA


Vikram Chalana

After several months of development and a closed beta period, we are happy to announce that Pictory is now Generally Available (GA) to users around the world.  Pictory leverages advances in artificial intelligence (AI) to allows its users to easily create videos from text in minutes. 


January 2020

Teaser Videos in B2B Marketing


Vikram Chalana

Whether you are product marketer or content strategist, creating content that engages your customer (or even your own sales representatives) is your #1 job. Think about all the time and resources you spend on creating text content -- whether it is white papers, blogs, articles, or case studies. In my case, I even wrote a book -- more on that later!

About 10 years ago, articles and blogs were all the rage. The white papers I wrote got tremendous click throughs, generated lots of leads, and earned my company lots of new business. Over the years, there has been a steady decline of all engagement metrics of text content. 


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