Convert blogs & webinars to short videos in minutes

Repurpose your content to short videos ideal for social media
Drive more user engagement and traffic to your content
Pictory uses AI to help you quickly create short videos from long-form content.
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How Pictory Works?

Pictory automatically extracts key summary sentences from your published articles or blogs.
For each sentence, Pictory selects the most relevant visual, image or video, from a licensed library of millions of media files.
Our AI can automatically summarize a recorded webinar to a desired length.
Customize the video with your own brand settings. Add your logo, fonts, colors, intro, and outro.
Where to use Pictory?

Our Value Promise

Drive more traffic to your content

Leverage short social videos to get more traffic to your site

Improve Social Engagement

Video posts lead to a much higher customer engagement

Increase Team Productivity

The same content team can produce more assets quickly

What our customers say

A great software and excellent customer support

Adam Phillip, Founder, Aeon Law

At Aeon Law, one of the ways we differentiate ourselves is with thought leadership content on the current intellectual property (IP) related topics. Pictory has enabled us to create compelling video summaries of our thought leadership posts and increase visits to our blog pages — a great software and excellent customer support!

55% higher user engagement

Jai Rawat, CEO, Zinrelo

We have seen a 55% higher user engagement with video content compared to any other form of content and dozens of new leads from these videos in a short period of time. The speed at which we can create these videos is so high that we are now rethinking our content strategy to include many more videos.

I love Pictory
Sridhar Katta, CEO, TruVs

I love Pictory! We tried outsourcing videos for social media, but the quality was low, and the cost was too high. With Pictory, I was able to do four videos in a matter of one hour myself — with no help. I am not a technical/video person.