June 2021

AI in B2B Sales and Marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is where B2B sales and marketing is moving today. Join us as we discuss the increasing role that AI is playing in B2B marketing and sales. Whether it is in identification of people to engage in conversations with, in automation of conversations, or in automation of content generation, AI-powered technologies are here to stay.

Our guest, Thorsten Linz, is the founder and CEO of Innovare AI, an AI-powered sales engine for B2B companies. He is an AI and automation expert with over 20-years of digital marketing experience.


Apr 2021

Strategic Video Marketing & Content Repurposing 

Have you thought about using video to grow your business? Or repurposing video into micro-clips for social media? In this podcast we talk about how to scale your business on social media by:

➡️ Discovering what video is best for you (podcasting, webinars, live shows etc)
➡️ Leveraging your time, money and effort to yield the best results
➡️ Repurpose video content into micro-content (look mighty when you’re small)

Video marketing expert Stephen Pope talks with us through these topics and show some live demos.


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