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✔  Easily cut out awkward sentences or words, add captions, and add branding to your webinar, video podcast, or training videos.

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Pictory is Easy to Use

Upload & Transcribe

As the video is uploaded, Pictory’s advanced AI engine transcribes the video.

Search & Cut

Search and cut out the sentences and words that you wish to exclude from your final video. Automatically cut out filler words.

Customize brand settings

Add your logo. Add bumpers (Intro and Outro). Customize the colors and fonts of your captions.

Save & Share

Generate & download your MP4 video. Also, download the transcription (SRT or VTT files) .

Share on your social channels.

Our Value Promise

Improve Social Engagement by 2x

Captions are a flexible way for your audience to consume your videos

Increase Productivity by 80%

Save time and spend less. Do it yourself with our easy-to-use software

Drive more traffic to your content

Captions improve search engine ranking & discoverability of your video

Where to use Pictory?

Webinar Videos

Demo Videos

Use Pictory to add captions to any kind of videos with spoken content and get them ready for social media.

e-Learning & Training Videos

Video Podcasts

What our customers say

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can easily edit the captions as well as customize the colors and the fonts.

You can burn captions into your video by simply choosing this option. Pictory users can easily download their captioned videos in an MP4 format.

Yes, you can download SRT or VTT files and also text version of your transcript.

We support videos in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Korean, and Hindi. Various accents of these languages are also supported.