Short videos from blogs, scripts, and webinars in minutes

Pictory uses AI to easily convert long-form video and text content into short branded videos for social media. 

Save time in video creation. Boost social visibility of your brand. 

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Content Marketer's Dilemma

Hungry Social Media

Staying fresh and relevant on social media is a constant chore.

Mountains of Long-Form Content

Effortful blogs, webinars, and podcasts go unread, unwatched, and unheard.

Challenges With Short Videos 

Short videos attracts attention but need high investment of time & money

How Pictory works

Start from text

Use AI to extract key sentences from text.

Create anchor video supported by visuals sourced from an extensive media library, licensed from Shutterstock.

Add AI-powered voiceover or record your own voice.

Start from recorded video

Use AI to transcribe the input video into text.

Edit the transcription to edit the video. 

Use AI to extract the top highlights.

Customize brand settings

Add your logo. Customize the colors and fonts. Add your own Intro and Outro.

Conquer a month of social amplification

Significant soundbites from blog or video are transformed into a calendar of visual tweets and posts.

Our value promise

Increase social visibility by 10x

Create ten times more social posts and always stay visible 

Increase productivity by 20x

The same team can produce ten times more content in half the time

Improve social engagement by 5x

Multiple video posts lead to a much higher customer engagement

Where to use Pictory

Highlights of Webinars

Create short video highlights of recorded webinars or demo recordings. 

Text to Videos

Convert blogs, articles, and any text scripts to short summary videos. 

Edit Videos Using Text

Edit webinar recordings or demo videos using text just like editing a document.

Add Captions to Videos

Automatically Add Captions to your recorded videos

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Pictory is created by a team of marketers and technologists who are passionate about user engagement. 

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