Automatically Transcribe Your Videos

Unlock the power of your spoken words by turning videos into text

  • Repurpose Videos, extract text
  • No Need To Take Notes, text record of webinars
  • Perfect For Zoom Calls, transcribe in minutes
  • Add Value, provide call transcript to your clients
  • Remove Filler Words, no more 'ums' and 'errs'

Pictory automatically transcribes your videos into text. Perfect for webinars, Zoom calls , demos, e-Learning, video podcasts, and more.

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Pictory's Auto Transcription Features At A Glance

  • Repurpose Your Video Content, turn webinars and Zoom calls into text in just minutes, quickly and easily. Perfect for creating blog posts, white-papers, ebooks and training materials. Create extracts for posting to social media.
  • No Need To Take Notes, relax and concentrate on the content of your video safe in the knowledge that you won't miss anything. Pictory automatically turns your video into text meaning you no longer have to take written notes. 
  • Perfect For Zoom Calls, create written records of your Zoom calls so you can easily search for key points.
  • Add Value, delight your clients by providing them with written transcripts of video consultations and training sessions. 
  • Remove Filler Words (and more!), Pictory's advanced AI automatically removes filler words such as 'ums' and 'errs'. You can even produce auto-summaries at the touch of a button.

Improve Social Engagement by 2x

Captions are a flexible way for your audience to consume your videos

Increase Productivity by 80%

Save time and spend less, no need to outsource captioning or spend hours doing it yourself, save time & money.

Drive more traffic to your content

Captions improve search engine ranking & discoverability of your video

Pictory Is Easy To Use


Upload & transcribe

As your video is uploaded, Pictory’s advanced AI engine transcribes the video.

Easily transcribe and caption your video with Pictory


Edit and customize

Let Pictoy's AI remove filler words. Correct errors and cut the sentences and words you don't need.

Edit video using text with Pictory


Auto Highlight & Summarise

Pictory gives you the option to create auto highlights and summaries of your transcription.

Customize your video branding easily with Pictory



Download the transcription as a text file, an SRT or VTT file.

Pictory - Repurpose video for all social media platforms

Where to use Pictory?

Use Pictory to transcribe any ideo with spoken content.

Webinar Videos
Demo Videos
e-Learning & Training Videos
Video Podcasts

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