Easy Video Creation For

Marketing Agencies

Bulk create video content in minutes from as little as $19 a month!

10x you video production for clients. Upsell video content to new and existing clients!

10X Video Content

10x your video production from as little as $19 a month!

25x Video Content

25x your video production for clients for only $39 a month!

100x Video Content

Go BIG! Upsell & market video production with a teams plan!

Upsell to Clients' & Scale Your Business with

AI Video Creation

Pictory creates video content in minutes not days. Upload your clients' logos and branding to create video professional videos...  that will IMPRESS!

Transform Clients' Existing Content

With Pictory you can use clients' existing content and repurpose it into stunning short form and long form video content.

You can transform text, urls or blogs into video... or use existing video content to produce engaging bitesized videos... for ANY media platform.

Be Creative with Your Clients' Video Production

Pictory isn't just a video generator it's also a video editor. If your clients' want to produce a podcast, webinar or video course Pictory has you covered.

Edit uploaded videos, remove filler words, add captions and branding in minutes. Giving you a professional videos for a fraction of the price.

End The Endless Outsourcing!

Why go out? When you can stay in! Whether you outsource video work or have a need for an in-house editor...those days are over.

You can save $10000s by using Pictory to do the heavy lifting. ANYONE in your team can use it, it really is that EASY!

ai video editor

Ready to bring the power of Pictory to your Business & Clients?

How Quickly Can I Create Videos For Clients?

Simple answer...minutes. People can spend days or hours to make a video the best it can be. But our AI creates professional videos in minutes... and minutes to edit and update.

Even if you spent an hour, on a video, per day, you  will 3x that by using our 1 Click formatting.

Turning your video from 16:9... to a video short or social post in seconds!

Save Money!

From just $19 a month Pictory instantly saves you money. No more costly outsourcing or hours of in-house resources, wasted on what AI can now do in minutes!

Save Time!

Video creation in minutes not days. No back and forth approval with video to client, to you, to video editor. Cut out the middleman... or lady by quick and easy approvals. 

Increase Revenue!

Once you start using Pictory you won't look back. You'll not only cut costs instantly, but Pictory can scale your video creation! More clients, more videos, more revenue!


Our one click technology allows you to start creating video instantly. Simply enter a piece of video or text and watch the AI do its work. Welcome to the Rocket Ship! 


Our user friendly interface means ANYONE can use Pictory. It's a tool for the whole team to create, collaborate and enjoy!


Video at scale is the future of video content production. Now your team can create quickly and easily. Allowing them to focus on other areas of the company or give more support to clients.

The #1 AI video creation platform built for Agencies!




5-star reviews

Why DO Marketing Agencies Choose Pictory?

"Our open rate with regular mail was like under 4%....
with Pictory, our open rate is
in the mid-seventies"

Glenn Freezman
Ruoff Mortgage

"The more you use it just becomes so intuitive... you're saving time constantly."

Andrew Mitchell
University of New Hampshire

"It's actually doing the work of two or three people in minutes. You're not going to stop using it I'm telling you"

Digital Marketing Agency 


Pictory integrates with OpenAI
Pictory integrates with Pabbly
Pictory Integrates With Zapier

Frequently Asked Question

How do I get started?

Click the FREE Trial button and enter the creative world of AI Video Generation! 

How much does it cost?

$19 for the starter plan, $39 to go pro and $99 for the Teams plan. You can have access to our API from as little as $99 with a Teams plan and we have scalable packages to support your growth.

Transform Your Business with Pictory's AI-Powered Video Solutions