Pictory Teams Plan: Where Creativity Meets Collaboration

Pictory Teams, our brand new way to create more videos, fast.

  • Collaborate with up to 20-team members on a single Teams workspace.
  • Create custom workspaces for better collaboration across internal and external teams. Share assets, templates, brands, and more.
  • Stop letting rough cuts get lost in the email shuffle, and start creating more efficient editing workflows.
  • Control all aspects of your video workflow,
    receive raw footage, organize, host, and collaboratively build your storyboard without ever leaving Pictory.
  • Company-Wide Video Empowerment, great for improving internal communications and transforming HR practices.

More Reasons Why Teams LOVE Pictory

  • Share Assets Seemlessly. No more Google drive links and manual emails. House all your brand’s assets (logos, photography, videos, and more) in a simple workspace to simple, easy access for your whole team. 
  • Create Consistent Branding. Stay on-brand by creating templates specific to your business needs and share them across your organization.
  • Launch Videos Quickly. No need for expensive editors. Onboard anyone at your organization with our simple, intuitive UI. Take advantage of our cutting-edge AI, to take your text and create simple beautiful videos.

Transform Your Team into Video Champions

Create custom workspaces where colleagues from all company departments and even external suppliers can share assets and ideas to produce professional quality videos which get results, quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

  • Brand Managers: Set-up branded templates.
  • Content Strategists: Identify and organize highlights from video summaries.
  • Creative Director: Pull in b-roll, music, and imagery, review before publishing.
  • Project Manager: Assign tasks to specific team members handle billing.

With the Pictory Teams Plan, colleagues from all departments can start making videos from written content or by repurposing Zoom or Microsoft Teams recordings and transforming them into captivating short-form videos.

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