Create Shareable Video Highlight Reels

Perfect for creating trailers and sharing short clips on socials

  • Share Highlights, creates short highlight videos
  • Boost Engagement, short clips engage viewers
  • Skyrocket Webinar Attendance, trailer videos increase bookings and show-up rates
  • Increase Sales, sneak peeks increase conversions
  • Publish To Socials, perfect for all social sites

Pictory's advanced AI automatically creates short videos from your long videos so you can enjoy maximum return on your video creation investment.

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Here's What Users Are Saying About Video Highlights

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Pictory's Highlight Reels Features At A Glance

  • Get Your Message Out, automatically creates short highlight videos you can showcase to prospects and clients.
  • Increase Engagement, short video clips are proven to drive higher viewer engagement.
  • Skyrocket Webinar Attendance, automatically created short trailer videos shared on sales pages and social media leading to more bookings and higher show-up rates.
  • Sell More, give prospects a peek at what's behind the pay-wall and see your sales explode!
  • Publish To Socials, social media compatible, be seen everywhere. Pictory highlight reels are perfect for all social sites including YouTube, facebook & Instagram

Pictory Is Easy To Use


Upload & transcribe

As your video is uploaded, Pictory’s advanced AI engine transcribes the video.


Pictory scans for significance

Our AI examines your transcript for its most consequential soundbites and highlights those sections of your webinar.


You fine-tune the findings

Easily confirm or change the automatically identified highlights.


Customize brand settings

Add your logo. Customize the colors and fonts of your captions. Add your own Intro and Outro.


Save & share

Generate & download your short video clips. Share on your social channels.

Where to use Pictory?

Use Pictory to create highlight videos from any kind of video with spoken content and get them ready for sharing on social media.

Webinar Videos
Demo Videos
e-Learning & Training Videos
Video Podcasts

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