Careers at Pictory

We are a team of entrepreneurs, marketers, and engineers who have started companies, and worked at large and small enterprises. As prolific content creators, we realized that many businesses are sitting on mountains of long-form content in the form of blogs, white-papers, articles, demos, and webinars. But, what the world is consuming is short-form videos!

What if we could use AI to convert long-form content into hundreds of short-form multimedia content pieces? We could not only solve the problem of generating fresh content but also offer higher engagement levels on social media through video. We built our first prototype at a hackathon in Seattle in 2019. In July 2020, we launched the first version of our product. Since then, we have made many updates to Pictory, and we continue to listen to our customers and innovate. We are on a mission to convert verbosity to visual brevity, and power the creator economy!

Our Core Values

Pictory is a small team of super-passionate people about what we do, why we do it, and whom we do it with. The ideal candidate would match our core values of

  • Work together and respect each other
  • Move with agility
  • Act with humility but confidence
  • Always be learning with a growth mindset
  • Trust data over opinion

To help us realize our high growth targets, we are looking to fill the following roles:

Motion Graphics Designer (Global - Remote)

Principal Frontend Engineer (Global - Remote)