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  • One-Stop Shop, everything you need to create great videos in one place, save time and money
  • Fast, create new client videos in just minutes from text or edit existing videos using AI
  • Easy, runs in the cloud so no complicated software required, just point and click
  • Add Captions, increase reach and conversions with our auto-caption feature
  • Impress Clients, add branded intros, outros and watermarks to make client videos really pop

Pictory uses AI and its library of over 3 million video clips, images and music tracks to enable you to create stunning original videos to serve clients in any market.

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More Reasons Why Agencies LOVE Pictory

  • Super-Fast Video Generation. Pictory's built from the ground up to work at lightning speed. Our unique ReelFast technology enables you to create stunning client videos in minutes instead of hours. 
  • Add Client Branding. Increase client stickiness by adding their branding. Automatically add branded intro, outros and watermarks with the click of a mouse. See client retention soar.
  • HUGE Media Library. Automatic selection from over 3 million videos clips and images plus 15,000 music tracks from industry leaders StoryBlocks and - all royalty-free forever meaning your clients will love your work
  • The Right Voice. Record your own voice in-app or upload a pre-recorded voiceover from your client or voiceover artist OR select one of our amazingly realistic A.I. voices and let Pictory do the talking for you.
  • Automatically Add Captions. No more outsourcing of captions, Pictory's auto caption feature creates accurate captions. Burn them in or download in your choice of SRT, VTT or TXT file formats.

How Pictory Works

Start from text

  1. Use AI to extract key sentences when starting from blogs.
  2. Create anchor video supported by visuals sourced from an extensive media library, licensed from Shutterstock.
  3. Add AI-powered voiceover or record your own voice.
Pictory - Script and Text To Video

Start from recorded video

  1. Use AI to transcribe the input video into text.
  2. Edit the transcription to edit the video.
  3. Use AI to extract the top highlights.
Edit video using text with Pictory

Customize brand settings

Add your logo. Customize the colors and fonts. Add your own Intro and Outro.

Customize your video branding easily with Pictory

Preview, generate and share video

Do a quick preview of the video to see how it looks. Generate the video and download it as an MP4 file.

Pictory - Repurpose video for all social media platforms

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