Edit video using text just like editing a document

Harness AI to give your high-value content the high reach it deserves. No need to learn complex video editing tools.

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Pictory is Easy to Use

Upload video to edit

As the video is uploaded, Pictory’s advanced AI engine transcribes the video.

Edit and summarize

Cut the sentences and words that you wish to exclude from your final video. Remove filler words like, uhs and ums.

Summarize the video to a desired length. Our AI can help select a set of summary sentences from the transcription.

Customize brand settings

Add your logo. Add your colors and fonts. Add your own Intro and Outro.

Where to Use Pictory?

e-Learning & Training Videos

Webinar Videos

Use Pictory to edit any kind of videos with spoken content and get them production-ready.

Demo Videos

Video Podcasts

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