Pictory.ai and NSA Partner to Empower Speakers

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Pictory.ai, the leading AI-powered video creation platform, and NSASpeaker.org, the premier online community for speakers, today announced a partnership to empower speakers with the tools they need to create engaging and impactful videos.

Through this partnership, NSA members will have access to a variety of Pictory.ai features, including:

AI-powered video creation tools:

  • Pictory.ai's AI-powered tools can help speakers create videos quickly and easily, even if they have no prior video editing experience.
  • A library of high-quality video templates: Pictory.ai's library of high-quality video templates can help speakers create videos that look professional and polished.
  • AI powered summaries of long form videos into short highlight videos in a variety of lengths. Just like this:

Original Video 19 minutes long

Use Pictory to transcribe, summarize, brand, etc.

This video was created in less than 5 minutes with Pictory.ai from an existing video.

Summary video: 2.5 mins long

What does Pictory help with:

  • Increased reach: With Pictory, NSA members can create engaging and impactful videos out of your current content.
  • Improved credibility:  Videos can help NSA members establish themselves as thought leaders and experts in their field, through a higher frequency of video shares.
  • Increased sales: Videos can be used to generate leads, close deals, and increase revenue by easily adding intros/outros with calls to action.
  • Improved customer service:  Videos can be used to provide customer education and support, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction.
  • Brand awareness:  Videos can be used to raise awareness of NSA and its mission.

As an NSA member take advantage of 20% off any of the annual plans using code Influence2023 at checkout.