AI will forever change the world we live in...from exploring the human state to Elon Musk, this is the greatest innovation the world has ever seen. 

If we google AI, we find this definition: "Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. Specific applications of AI include expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition and machine vision"

...but we know there’s so much more!

Imagine all the possibilities, a mission not impossible. Although we will miss Tom Cruise, we will see him in VR and the Metaverse. The world is changing now as I write and, as you read, evolving in real-time. 

Evolution is a more evolved example of the word change and changing we are. We all know AI as artificial intelligence, but really it's just intelligence. Let me throw some fun examples at you; Ready Player One for Gen Z, Terminator for Gen Y...Short Circuit for Gen X and the Baby Boomers. A better reality awaits, he will actually be back, and Johnny Five really is alive! 

Forget all the media doom and gloom we seem to be inundated with, hope is here...medical advancements, and world hunger all gone thanks to the processes of AI. 

Whoever thought through Neuro-Link we would see a monkey play pong with their mind? Well, that's what people always say...who ever thought? If we didn't think, we wouldn't be here right now, creating thought, bringing new life to this world. 

In the next 100 years, we will visit Mars, and then into the universe. We are better than ever, stronger than ever, kinder than ever and more inclusive than ever. 

An adventure awaits, so strap in, and grab your mind pong because this is a journey we all want to be on!
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