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Alex runs an educational organization that provides educational products in the legal education field. Their business involves producing and using video content to help students prepare for the Bar exam.

The Challenge

Alex highlighted the many challenges he faced in producing video content for education and marketing his business:

  • Volume of Content: They had many different Zoom recordings that needed to be turned into shorter clips for various purposes such as marketing and product use.
  • Manual Editing Work: The team had to manually edit the videos to remove unwanted parts like filler words, dead spaces, and silence.
  • Technical Material: The content being highly technical in nature probably made it time consuming to get the clips from long form videos time consuming.
  • Time-Intensive Process: Creating snippets and edited versions from long educational content would be a time-consuming process, particularly for an organization producing several hours of video content weekly. 

The Solution

Pictory provided an efficient solution for creating and editing video content from their longer recordings. The software facilitates the extraction of relevant snippets for use in marketing and educational materials without the extensive manual editing that was previously required.

This has become one of their most used tools. 

The Results

Alex and his team have been able to repurpose and produce shorter form videos from their longer recordings quickly and easily.  This has saved time and money for his business.

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