Course creator Alex, creates content using his most popular software, Pictory!

Alex is a course creator and a lawyer, combining both of these skills to create a subscription learning model.

Today he talks to us about how he uses Pictory to create snippets, and why Pictory is the most popular software he uses. 

Alex: We make a lot of edited video clips from our longer recordings and many different Zoom recordings.

We create clips to use with our products and also for marketing purposes and social media.

Vikram Chalana: How are you using videos in your business?

Alex: We’re an educational organization and provide educational products, typically in the legal education field.

Vikram Chalana: Okay, then you take them and create short snippets from them for promotion. 

Alex: That's usually what we do, typically for social media, we also post them on our website as well. 

Vikram Chalana: Do you post on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram?

Alex: Yes, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

Vikram Chalana: And is that the core use case or do you also use our text-to-video functionality? 

Alex: Yes, and we also edit the text to create our videos and pull out pieces of our recordings based upon what the text is, for example, filler words. 

Vikram Chalana: Do you use it for regular editing, before you create the training videos as well?

Alex: Yes, sometimes we use it for longer videos, not just for snippets, creating much longer pieces of content. 

This could be a 30-minute or 40-minute educational piece of content and we'll clip out the beginning, end, any fillers and dead space or silent space. 

Vikram Chalana: Okay, so you use that functionality and then you also use the snippets functionality Do you use the automatic highlighting or do you edit manually? 

Alex: When we create highlights because it's such technical material, we manually select them. 

Vikram Chalana: How many snippets would you pick out from 1 recording? 

Alex: It can vary depending upon the length of the video. If we have around 10 snippets we would compile these into an hour-long video.

Vikram Chalana: Could you tell me a little bit about kind of your usage pattern, do you use it, do you have a team that uses it or both?

Alex: Sometimes I'll use it on my own as well, but we mainly use teams.

Another thing that we use it for is testimonials. You can get a 30-minute testimonial and cut it down to three minutes, which is fantastic.

Vikram Chalana: When you have teams using it, are they working on the same video or do they work on multiple videos and collaborate?

Alex: Because we do a lot of, it's a lot of longer video volume, there's not as much collaboration.

If we were more focused on creating a smaller amount of video content on a weekly basis or on a monthly basis, for example, four or five key hours, there would be more collaboration.

Vikram Chalana: Can you tell me a little about your business model?

Alex: We're creating video archives from lessons that our students can repeatedly revisit and study key areas of the content.

Vikram Chalana: So you don’t sell specific videos, you sell a subscription to a classroom.

Alex: Exactly.

We use Pictory more than any other software which says a lot about the quality.

Vikram Chalana: Okay, perfect. So this is very useful. I will take this feedback back to my team.

Are you still a lawyer or do you now focus on business?

Alex: I am still a lawyer but I haven't practised l for quite a while.

Vikram Chalana: Okay, perfect. Great. Thank you so much, Alex, we appreciate your time. 

Alex: Thanks

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