"When I converted my story into a video and posted that across both my organic social media network as well as through Facebook ads, it got me my biggest stream of high ticket coaching alliances."

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Andrew Lowe is an elite coach and picture user who helps everyday people live a better, fuller, and more enriched life.  Here is how Pictory has helped him to help his clients.

The Challenge

Brian highlighted the many challenges he faced as an agency creating videos:

  • Marketing Overwhelm: Finding effective ways to grow his own coaching business amidst a plethora of marketing strategies suggested by experts, which were complex and not fully effective.
  • Time Constraints: Working excessively long hours (16+ hour days) and weekends, which led to workaholism and eventually physical exhaustion and an accident (crashing his car). 
  • Video Creation Costly:  The traditional video production process was time-consuming and expensive, requiring:    -  Hiring videographers for good B-roll footage.
     -  Hiring scriptwriters to create a compelling narrative.
     -  Manually editing videos took too much time
     -  High costs when outsourcing
  •  Technology Challenge:  His coached clients have varied technical skills, from tech-savvy to not tech-savvy at all, posing a challenge in creating video content independently

The Solution

With Pictory, Andrew successfully overcame the challenges of video production complexity, cost, and technical skill variability, leading to a more effective and scalable marketing strategy for his coaching business.

It allowed him to streamline his video content creation process, which significantly improved his coaching business's digital presence.

Utilizing Pictory's AI-driven platform, he could efficiently transform long-form content, such as webinars and podcasts, into concise, engaging video highlights ideal for social media. This not only saved him considerable time but also eliminated the need for expensive equipment and professional videographers.

The automated video editing tools enabled quick modifications and customization, thus facilitating a rapid production cycle that kept his content fresh and relevant.  

Moreover, Pictory's user-friendly interface allows Andrew to use video in their businesses.  

The Results

Brian has been able to produce social media content quicker and be more adaptive to market changes.  He also has saved time in collaborating with client to produce videos.

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