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Jonathan, a freelance copywriter and graphic designer working for Cambridge Management Consulting, he tells us how Pictory revolutionized the way he works.

The Challenge

The challenges he faced creating videos:

  • Time Constraints and Need for Rapid Expansion: Jonathan's primary concern was time management, especially in the context of rapidly expanding the marketing capabilities of a small team.
  • Complexity and Time Consumption with Traditional Video Editing Tools: He used the Adobe suite, including Premiere Pro and After Effects, for video editing. However, these tools were described as "frustratingly hard and time-consuming," even for basic tasks like creating a one-minute video.
  • Difficulty in Achieving Consistency and Smoothness in Videos: Jonathan highlighted challenges in maintaining a consistent look and smooth experience in videos created with traditional tools.
  • Extensive Time Investment for Video Creation: Using Adobe tools, a task like video creation, would require over an hour or even a couple of hours for Jonathan.
  • Limited Ability to Repurpose Content Efficiently: Before using Pictory, there was a limited capability to quickly transform written content (like blogs) into videos for broader marketing use.
  • Hesitancy in Using Personal Voiceovers: Jonathan expressed a lack of confidence in using his voice for voiceovers, thus limiting the audio options for his videos.

The Solution

Pictory significantly streamlined Jonathan's video creation process, addressing his primary challenges. It drastically reduced the time and complexity involved in producing marketing videos, a task that previously took hours using traditional tools like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Pictory's user-friendly interface and features allowed for quick and consistent video production, enabling Jonathan to efficiently repurpose written content, like blogs, into videos. 

The Results

This efficiency was particularly beneficial for his team's goal of rapid marketing expansion. Additionally, Pictory's built-in AI voices offered a solution to his reluctance to use personal voiceovers, further simplifying the video creation process.

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