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Monico is a school social worker/counsellor and involved in creating wellness activities for students, has solved several educational challenges using Pictory:

The Challenge

Monico is busy and wants to create transformative educational content for his students, here are some of the challenges he face before Pictory:

  • Time : Managing time efficiently while creating engaging video content amidst a busy day with many other tasks.
  • Tech: Supporting his students who are not technologically savvy in creating their own videos.
  • Efficiency:  It is difficult to develop short-form video content for social-emotional learning and wellness activities in a reasonable time.
  • Diversity:  Enhancing video content accessibility for deaf or hard of hearing students.
  • Support: The need for quick and efficient customer service to resolve technical issues with video creation tools.

The Solution

Pictory addressed these challenges by streamlining the process of creating short-form educational videos, dramatically cutting down the production time from hours to mere minutes, thus fitting into their busy schedule.

Its user-friendly interface facilitated video creation for students with limited technological skills, enabling them to produce compelling content with ease. For the deaf or hard of hearing students, Pictory's transcription feature allowed the integration of clear and large-font captions, making the videos more accessible. Moreover, when technical issues did arise, Pictory's responsive and efficient customer service provided quick resolutions, enhancing the overall experience and minimizing downtime.

The Results

Monico is able to support his students better by creating hi quality content in a fraction of the time it would take to use a standard manual video editing process.  

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