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Pastor Andy creates an online bible courses as well as runs a podcast for his listeners.  He discusses how Pictory saves him hours in creating content for his audience.

The Challenge

Brian highlighted the many challenges he faced as an agency creating videos:

  • Time Consumption: Andy used to spend days producing courses with traditional video editing tools.
  • Resource Access: Accessing vast amounts of images and videos was time-consuming in the past.
  • Technical Issues with Previous Software: They experienced problems with another unnamed product that was "clunky" and often froze, leading to performance issues.
  • Workflow Inefficiency: Andy needed to manually insert control breaks or paragraph breaks with other products, costing them a great deal of time.

The Solution

Pictory provided a cloud-based platform that streamlined the video production process, significantly cutting down the time from days to hours. It offered a vast library of images and videos, eliminating the extensive time previously spent on sourcing these resources.

The platform's stability and ease of use improved upon the user's experience with other clunky and unreliable software. Additionally, Pictory's text-to-video feature simplified Pastor Andy's workflow, allowing for the efficient organization of content without the need for manual breaks. This, along with the ability to batch upload custom images, facilitated a quicker route to market, meeting the user's need for volume production while ensuring quality and customization.

The Results

Pictory has addressed these challenges by streamlining the production process, offering a reliable and fast platform, and providing easy access to a large library of images and videos, thus significantly reducing the user's workload.  Instead of taking days to build a course, it only takes hours.

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