Steve explains how he has saved 5 hours creating a 5 minute video using Pictory's AI Video Generation Tool.


Steve Wiseth is a chiropractor who helps other chiropractors to grow and scale their practices. Steve uses Pictory to market himself through video content and in the courses he provides. We talk to Steve and he explains how Pictory has cut down his workload, enabling him to have more time to create content for his business.

Steve Wiseth: Instead of just always having to be on, on camera on video, you can put your video in and then literally put in different clips of B-roll stock footage. to then, of course, keep someone's attention.

We all have attention spans that are drastically shrinking, right? So in order to have an engaging video, we need relevant footage from whatever we're talking about to hold our attention. So we don't click away or go on our phones, right?

I've used video in my offices for years. And it's been really great to convey the message. What I love most about Pictory is, that you upload what you're trying to say, your script, your article, whatever it may be, and it automatically matches the stock footage to what you're saying. Automatically!

You can change it, but it's fairly straightforward. And it saves you a tonne of time. It’s simple, it's easy, and then you get great quality content. Amazing!

Pete Bennett: What were you doing before you used Pictory?

Steve Wiseth: I was doing it all myself, on-camera. I was using Green Screen, having to pull in still images to put on screen. They say a picture's worth 1000 words, or videos worth 10,000 words, right? So a video is so much better and this solves that problem.

Pete Bennett: How long was it taking you to make a video before you started using Pictory?

Steve Wiseth: Forever. I literally didn't want to do it because I knew it was going to take forever.

To shoot on camera, you have to get all ready. You have to shave, you have to do your hair, you have to look good, you have to have all the right stuff and get all mics on.

And then you have to shoot the video. It’s got to be good, then you have to edit it. Oh my gosh, editing, what a disaster.

So I'm talking hours and hours for a 10-minute video or let's just say a five-minute video. I would say at least five hours and that's if you're good at what you do, okay. It could be 10-20 hours for a five-minute video, if you're just getting into something, it's not easy to go and create content like that.

I know all these big YouTubers, they make it look easy, right?

But they have it all down, their experts, right?

For a regular person, it’s not easy. You don't just put a video together and make a five-minute video that took five hours before?

And now, I have to say it’s ready in five minutes and 15 minutes, it can be done. You can come out with something polished in 30 minutes on Pictory.

Pete Bennett: That's a heck of a saving.

Steve Wiseth: It’s amazing. I can't tell you how much time it saves.

I want to create more content. I want to go out there and do more. And then because now there aren't so many roadblocks to get there, I'm actually doing it.

Pete Bennett: So what would you say to someone who has not started using Pictory yet or maybe hasn't done a video?

Steve Wiseth: Try it out as a free trial. And I get it, it's overwhelming to jump into creating a video. I know there's some self-consciousness but the truth is if all those barriers were down, and it was easy to get into, I'm sure you would do it.

I would try out the software, it's fairly straightforward. It's a matter of putting in your content, matching the scenes and then rendering it. Try it out.

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