Found a better replacement for Vidnami. Loves the ease of use and graphic options.


Today we are joined by Erin Elizabeth. Erin is a Youtuber and has her own channel with her husband catering for the pet niche. Erin tells us how she and he husband split their time between the channel and the benefits they gained by using Pictory to make revenue alongside their full-time jobs.

Pete Bennett: Hello Erin.

Erin Elizabeth: Hello.

Pete Bennett: Tell us all about what you use Pictory for and how you use it.

Erin Elizabeth: Yeah, sure. So I am a YouTuber and I use Pictory to make videos for our YouTube channel, which is in the pet niche. We get to create different types of videos for dogs and cats, specifically using Pictory.

In the past, we used Vidnami, and after it was shut down we needed another option. One that was easy to use, had a lot of good graphics and was something that we could put together quickly. We found that with Pictory, we've been able to create some nice videos together using it.

Pete Bennett: That's wonderful. Just tell us a little bit about the content of the videos, and what are they about? You mentioned that you are in the pets niche, but just go into a little more detail, I don't want you to give away your secrets.

Erin Elizabeth: For the most part, they help with some ideas about different types of names that you can call your dog or cat. So they're all different-themed and that's what we do.

Pete Bennett: That's lovely. How does the workflow happen? Do you use your own scripts? Or do you outsource the script creation to other people?

Erin Elizabeth: No, we create our own scripts. And then we write them all out. We then put them into Pictory, which is transcribed into a video for us. From there we select our own videos and images to use.

Pete Bennett: Do you use your own voice? Or do you use the built-in AI voices?

Erin Elizabeth: We use our own voice.

Pete Bennett: So you upload the script, you let Pictory do its magic and then you download it, upload it straight to YouTube, and off you go?

Erin Elizabeth: Yeah, it's pretty quick, pretty simple, so we're happy with that. Once we got the hang of it we were just able to produce, producing at least two videos a week.

Pete Bennett: Okay, I was going to ask you how many a week, and that is perfectly doable for you?

Erin Elizabeth: Yes, with a full-time job as well.

Pete Bennett: Okay, so this is not your full-time job? Wow! What gave you the idea to start the channel?

Erin Elizabeth: It was my husband's idea actually, many years ago he was thinking about how to create income outside of our nine to five jobs. We played around with a few different niches, then found the pet niche was very sustainable and it drew a good crowd of people. We also have fun with it too, that's why we chose the pet niche.

Pete Bennett: That's a great tip, by the way, to find a niche which is evergreen as they call it. People are always going to have pets.

Erin Elizabeth: Yes, exactly.

Pete Bennett: That's wonderful. So how do you split the work up between you? Who does what?

Erin Elizabeth: Good question. We both take one video a week. I take care of more of the cat stuff and he takes care of the dogs, it just kind of fell that way. We don't have a preference. We do help each other out and we do bounce ideas off of each other.

Pete Bennett: Do you get competitive?

Erin Elizabeth: A little bit sometimes.

Pete Bennett: Who’s got the most views?

Erin Elizabeth: When we check our analytics, my husband.

Pete Bennett: It's really important to look at the analytics regularly as well, we always try to teach people that it's okay producing the stuff that you want. But you have to be led by the numbers and produce stuff that your audience wants. And it's great to have that nice tight niche that you can concentrate on.

Erin Elizabeth: Yes, for sure.

Pete Bennett: So the YouTube journey so far has been fun?

Erin Elizabeth: Yes, it's been fun. A lot of learning and a lot of trial and error, I guess you could say, to get us to this point. It wasn't just a start, this isn't our first time. And so now we're having fun with it and enjoying the process.

Pete Bennett: Brilliant. Well, just to shout out to people as well, we have a Facebook group for Pictory, in which I and others share lots of tips about growing YouTube channels.

So if you're not already a member of that or your husband is not a member of that, then I'd suggest joining, please come and join us. We can give you some tips as well because there are a lot of experienced YouTube people there. But it sounds like you doing very well.

Erin Elizabeth: Thank you. We are getting there.

Pete Bennett: All right. Well, one final question then. If somebody is not using Pictory, but was considering using Pictory, what would you say to them?

Erin Elizabeth: I would say definitely to give it a try. Try it out and sign up. Look around, and play with it a little bit. I feel like every time we have any sort of questions the support team is so quick to help us which made everything just so smooth and easy to learn. I would really recommend Pictory, if that's what you're looking for.

Pete Bennett: That's brilliant. Thank you. Because people can sign up for free and have a go and see.

Erin Elizabeth: Yes, I liked it and that's what we did. We started for free and we really liked it, so we signed up.

Pete Bennett: Brilliant. Erin, you've been absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for your time and we wish you the very best of luck with your YouTube channel. We are always willing to help you, as are the rest of the Pictory team.

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