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Saurabh is an an online marketer from New Delhi, India, and discusses how Pictory has helped streamline video creation and simplified content creation for YouTube. It has enhanced his productivity, enabling him to focus on delivering value to his audience.

The Challenge

Saurabh highlighted the many challenges he faced as an agency creating videos:

  • Video Creation:  Saurabh used to rely on traditional desktop video editors to produce his videos, which was a time-consuming process involving recording, editing, adding transitions, and more.
  • Versatility and Advanced Features:   Found them lacking in certain features and functionalities in software similar to Pictory.
  • Faceless Videos for YouTube:  Creating content for different YouTube channels without having to be on camera.
  • Value Addition:  The need to provide valuable content to his audience rather than just churning out videos.
  • Voice Over Options:  YouTube has shown a dislike for AI voices, and producing high-quality voiceovers can be time-consuming.
  • Synchronization of Voice with Video:   Synchronizing voice with the video content can be difficult and time-consuming with traditional software.
  • Script Writing:  Writing effective and engaging scripts for his videos.

The Solution

Using Pictory, Saurabh streamlined his video creation process.  The advanced features surpassed other tools he had tried, offering him the flexibility to create faceless videos for multiple YouTube channels. Additionally, Pictory effortlessly synchronized his voiceovers with video content, eliminating tedious manual syncing. Although Saurabh currently writes his own scripts, he hinted at Pictory potentially introducing AI-assisted scriptwriting in the future, further enhancing its value proposition for content creators.

The Results

Pictory has helped reduce his workload by 40% and enabling him to produce quality content in under an hour, using the advanced features.

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