Saurabh Gopal uses Pictory to make money!


Saurabh Gopal is a YouTuber and internet marketer who's discovered the power of Pictoy and uses our platform to produce videos which help him sell and make money.

We recently interviewed him about how Pictory has helped increase his productivity and create videos from text.

Pete Bennett: Today I'm with Saurabh from New Delhi, in India, who's a Pictory user and is going to tell us a little bit about his journey with Pictory. 

But before that, I'm just going to ask you to introduce yourself and tell people what you do. And then we'll talk about how Pictory is helping you do it.

Saurabh Gopal: Okay. Hi, everyone. Thank you, Pete. 

My name is Saurabh Gopal, and I'm based in New Delhi, India, and I'm an online marketer, which I've been doing it for over five years now. I create my own products and also produce product reviews and promotions. 

I've known about Pictory for quite some time, but I finally dived into it a couple of months back. I just wanted to explore more about its AI functionality, getting it to create videos from text or by entering the link of any blog post and convert that into video.

That really excited me, because video is the future, video marketing is the future and Pictory is surely going to help anyone who is into video marketing.

Pete Bennett: Before you used Pictory, were you using a traditional desktop editor to make your videos?

Saurabh Gopal: Yes. Before using Pictory, I was using a traditional editor. And I also used similar tools like Pictory before as well. But I find Pictory more advanced and with more features and functionality as compared to the other tools which I had used previously.

Pete Bennett: When you were using the desktop tools, how long was it taking you to make a video compared to using Pictory?

Saurabh Gopal: If I have to use a desktop tool, then I have to just first record the video and edit and put in transitions, but with Pictory, I think it has reduced my workload by 40%. I can do the script, then I can just create an entire video. Right from scripting to production in less than one hour now.

Pete Bennett: Wow! And so that's at least a 40%. Saving over what you were doing before.

Saurabh Gopal: Yes.

Pete Bennett: Wow, that's really good. Saves a lot of time, doesn't it?

Saurabh Gopal: Definitely yes.

Pete Bennett: And in terms of the features in Pictory, I'm not sure that you're aware that every couple of weeks or so we're adding more and more features. So, watch this space over the next year, there's a lot of exciting stuff coming. 

Tell me a little bit more about your YouTube channels because I know we have a lot of people that use Pictory for YouTube. Just explain a little bit about how you're using it, if you would?

Saurabh Gopal:  Sure. I've started a couple of YouTube channels in different niches. I've got one YouTube channel in the travel niche, and one in the health niche. 

So, I'm using Pictory to create faceless videos. I just put the script in and the video is created. And also along with that I've got my main channel, which is my main review channel, where I do product reviews and do affiliate marketing training. 

But with Pictory, one thing I would like to tell everybody is it's not just about putting anything in a script and just creating a video, it's about how you can provide some value to your audience through your video. That's more important. And Pictory is a very good tool. It can create videos on whatever you want. And there are a lot of good features.

Pete Bennett: Do you write your own scripts? Or do you outsource?

Saurabh Gopal: Yes, I write my own scripts. 

I use another AI writer to write my own scripts. Maybe there's going to be a functionality soon in Pictory where I can write my scripts using?

Pete Bennett: It's certainly been spoken about. Yes. 

So, you use the AI writer to help you write the script. And then you use Pictory to make the video. And then you upload it to YouTube and monetize it.

Saurabh Gopal: That's correct.

Pete Bennett: Wow. So the AI is actually working for you, isn't it?

Saurabh Gopal: Yes, AI is the future. And yes, if you use it wisely, if you know how to use it properly, then yes, it's very good technology. And yeah, Pictory is certainly on the top.

Pete Bennett: I really like what you said as well about adding value, we get a lot of people who think that you can just use Pictory or any other tool to put out rubbish and upload it to YouTube and become rich. 

Well, unfortunately, that's not the case. But what Pictory can do is help you get your valuable message out into YouTube, and then extract value from YouTube in terms of the monetization for delivering value first, it's got to be that way around, make the value and then reap the rewards.

So with the ones that you're doing for Pictory on YouTube or using your own Voice or do you use the automated voices within the system?

Saurabh Gopal: I have tried both, but I'm mainly using my own voice. There have been some recent developments in YouTube where they are not liking the AI voices.

So, especially for YouTube, I use my own voice. But if I have to create a sales video, which I use on my products, or if I have to use any social media video, then I use the AI voices. And I've seen there are some very good voices in four different countries in Pictory.

Pete Bennett: Yes, one of the things I particularly like about Pictory, because I prefer to use my own voice, is the way that it synchronises your voice with the video. 

If people have ever tried to do that using desktop software, such as Premiere Pro or Final Cut, it's the sort of thing that sounds like it would be easy, but five hours down the line, you realise it isn't easy. And Pictory just makes that problem go away. It's incredible.

Saurabh Gopal: Yes, definitely. And I really like that feature where you upload your own voiceover and it completely syncs with the entire video based on what clips you have chosen.

And that's the best part, which I like about Pictory, is that I just don't have to worry that there are pauses in between. All those things get taken care of when the final output is produced.

Pete Bennett: I think people that are coming into Pictory having never had to do editing with a full featured desktop editor, don't realise how lucky they are. 

If you're old school, you realise that this is a big deal. If you're coming into it for the first time you just assume it was always like that. It really wasn't. I know that I've taken five or six hours to do a one minute or two minute video in the past.

Saurabh Gopal: That's correct.

Pete Bennett: If people are watching this, and they're considering signing up for Pictory, have you got a message for them?

Saurabh Gopal:  Yes, surely, if you're considering Pictory, then definitely this is one of the best tools out there for this purpose.

Yes, you will find some other tools as well who claim to do the same thing. But I have personally used almost all of them and I find Pictory is one of the most stable, the best tool with a lot of features. 

And also it keeps on improving, they keep on adding new features. So I highly recommend it to anyone.

Pete Bennett: That's brilliant. And of course, they can sign up for free and give it a go so they don't have to take our word for it. But I agree with you. There's a lot of stuff out there. I've signed up for most of them. And a lot of them say they do a lot of things but when it comes down to it, they're just not quite there yet. 

Pictory hits the nail on the head every time. 

Well, thanks very much for your time this morning. It's been lovely talking to you. And I know people will be very interested in what you've been talking about, particularly concerning YouTube.

So I just want to say thank you and thanks for being part of the community. I know you're in the Facebook group and it's lovely to get some positive feedback from you.

Saurabh Gopal: You're welcome Pete, anytime happy to provide any support whenever I can. Thank you

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