Turn your ideas into videos in seconds, right in ChatGPT.

Our new Pictory GPT allows you to take a simple idea – say, for example, “Create a video about preventing climate change that is 1-2 minutes long” – and transform it into a FULL video.

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How to Try the Pictory GPT

ChatGPT Plus subscribers can simply search for Pictory GPT in the app store, insert a prompt or a file, answer a few questions – and boom your video is created in seconds.  

Optimize your script by including any information that might help ChatGPT bring your vision to life.

Here are some helpful parameters:

  • Target audience
  • Language
  • Tone
  • Duration
  • Voiceover
  • Platform

For a full step-by-step, along with lots of helpful tips for crafting your ChatGPT prompts, check out this article here on How to Create ChatGPT Videos with the New Pictory GPT!

A special launch needs a special launchpad.

Check out the full release on Product Hunt! :cat: X :octopus:

Our Product Managers and Founders will chat with the Product Hunt community in real-time all day on February 2nd, so if you have any feature requests or feedback – this is your moment to have your voice heard!

Let us know what you think on Product Hunt, and if you have a ChatGPT Plus subscription, give it a try today!

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