Video creation and editing can involve hours of work, energy, and money.

But now, you don’t even need any existing text to make great video content online.

Just an idea and the new Pictory GPT from the ChatGPT store.

With any prompt, ChatGPT can write you a video script that Pictory will have ready for preview, editing, or download in less time than it’s taken you to read this blog so far.

Let me show you how.

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Quick Step-by-Step for Making a Video with the Pictory GPT

Step One

Sign up for a ChatGPT account, or connect your existing Google account.

ChatGPT OpenAI homepage

You will need a Plus membership to have access to GPTs, which costs $20 a month, but this is arguably more than worth it for the wealth of creative tools it now gives you access to.

Step 2

Head to the GPT store, by clicking ‘Explore GPTs’ in the left-hand toolbar of your ChatGPT account.

Click on explore GPTs

Step Three

Search for Pictory and download the GPT to your account for free.

You can now access the Pictory GPT from the left-hand toolbar, which should show your downloaded GPTs.

 click on PictoryGPT for videos

Step Four

Write your prompt for the video you want to create, for example, ‘Make me a one-minute video for a car wash company for young women.

prompt in search bar of Pictory GPT

While you can create video scripts in ChatGPT with captions in any of our 29 supported languages, only Pro and Teams members can access voiceovers that support these additional languages from within the Pictory app itself.

There is advice and top tips on creating the best prompts for your ChatGPT video creation later on in the article.

Step Five

ChatGPT will create a script based on your prompt, which you can approve, or use further prompts to make adjustments.

video prompt response in chatgpt

Step Six

Accept the script (just typing yes in the prompt box will do) and ChatGPT will send the script to Pictory, where the AI software will scan the text and match keywords with stock footage.

It will also provide voiceover and subtitles for the video from the script, along with background music.

Step Seven

From here you can preview your video and sign up for a Free Pictory account to edit or download your finished video.

video link to preview in Pictory from ChatGPT

Pictory’s GPT plugin is a great way to trial video ideas with AI technology and without the money and time commitment.

See if your new YouTube video is going to be a success, or just see how our AI video generator can create videos for your business or creative pursuits in minutes.

If you already have a ChatGPT Plus subscription you no longer have an excuse to not create high-quality videos from anywhere.

Writing a Great ChatGPT Video Prompt

Of course, to create videos that engage whatever audience you’re targeting, ChatGPT has got to craft a well-written script.

Now whilst the prompt you give ChatGPT can be as long as short as you like, a good quality prompt is always going to turn out better quality scripts and therefore videos.

P.A.O Principle

It can help to think of the P.A.O principle when starting to write content, that’s:

  • Purpose (why are you making this video)

  • Audience (who are you making this video for)

  • Outcome (what should the viewer do/get after the video is over)

PAO principle - purpose, audience, outcome

By including just a couple of words on each your script prompts immediately become tailored to your brand and content goals.

“Create a one-minute video for a car wash company.


“Create a one-minute advert for a car wash company geared toward young women, that encourages them to purchase our Valentine’s Day two-car special.”


Including tone and demographic indicators for ChatGPT is also a quick and easy way to avoid script rewrites down the line.

With the information above, I will probably end up with a script with upbeat, fun, young language.

And while this is reasonable given the information I included in my prompt, and might fit my demographic, it might not fit my brand voice.

Including a short statement at the end could look like

“The tone should be light, but use no slang and should appeal to working professionals.”


“The tone should be light and fun and appeal to students and partygoers.”

Both of these sentences apply to the wider demographic of young women, but each prompt will return a script more keyed into the niche of my ideal customer.

Additional Tips

  • Consider what platform you will be distributing your video on. YouTube videos, Amazon product demos, and newsletter embeds will all have different requirements, for example.

  • While giving ChatGPT as much information as possible is important, for a short script and prompt, keep it as concise as you can. Giving the bot too much information can result in messy outputs that do not follow all the rules given.

  • When using AI tools for content creation, don’t be afraid to try a few different iterations. ChatGPT lets you start a new chat at any time, so if you aren’t happy with the output and mild adjustments won’t fix it, it’s easy to start again and keep your old work to hand just in case.

Examples of Prompts for a ChatGPT Video Script for Pictory

  • Create a [time]-minute advert for a [product] company called [company/product name]. It should show the [key features] to [demographic] and encourage them to [outcome] in a [tone] way.

eg. Create a 1-minute advert for an AI video generation company called Pictory. It should show the fast, script-to-video generation to video marketers, and encourage them to sign up for a free trial in an exciting yet professional way.

  • Create a [time]-minute educational video about . It should focus on [topic specific] and appeal to [audience], by speaking in a [tone] way.

eg. Create a 2-minute educational video about George Washington. It should focus on Washington’s time as the first US President and appeal to third-graders, by speaking in a simple and entertaining way.

Your New AI Video Creator

As making AI-generated video content gets easier, making great AI videos becomes more important.

Pictory’s wide range of video generation and editing tools is the perfect fit for any educator, marketer, or creative.

Whether you’re using ChatGPT for writing scripts, turning a blog post into a video, or uploading your existing content to add subtitles and fine-tune content, there’s something for you in Pictory.

Try our GPT plugin today, then sign up for a free trial and see how we can transform the way you make videos this year.

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Can I use my own footage in ChatGPT videos?

Yes, if you upload image files into the prompt section of ChatGPT whilst you are writing, Pictory will include these in your preview video.

However, this only applies to still images, such as product photos, as opposed to video clips, though these can be uploaded into any video project in the Pictory software.

Will ChatGPT create an AI avatar for my video creation?

Pictory does not at this time have AI avatars, though our stock footage, AI voiceovers, and auto-captioning are the perfect accompaniment to product videos, adverts, and educational content.

And you can always supplement your video projects with your own footage or voiceovers as desired.

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