There is no greater joy than watching our customers explaining how Pictory brings value and velocity in their work. We sat with Adam Phillipp, Founder and Patent Attorney at Aeon Law where Adam shares his thoughts about Pictory. (See Adam’s LinkedIn.)

Aeon Law is a Seattle-based full-service intellectual property legal firm. They publish a weekly blog post that takes a complex intellectual property issue and condenses it down into a 300 word blog post. They also create a three-line haiku that summarizes the whole post.

Their social media strategy in the past has been to take a licensed image, superimpose the text of the haiku on that and share that on social media with a link back to the blog post.

Adam Phillip knows the value of video and they could see it working even before Pictory came into their picture. In their social media campaigns, the videos grabbed more attention and brought more engagement than walls of text.

To create videos, they would hire someone for motion graphics, animation, and some experience in video production. It is a bit of a cycle to hire and train people on the branding and the process, and it takes time too. It was not worth the time or money to get videos created by an outside agency for every blog post, or any other content they had planned to distribute.

“I am an entrepreneur — somebody who will work 80 hours a week just so I don’t have to work a 40 hour a week job — and I am always looking for ways to be more efficient. Pictory gives me an easy way to solve a hard problem and it encapsulates that philosophy very well for me.”
– Adam Phillipp

When Adam Phillip came to know about Pictory, it seemed to take this entire load of video production off their back. They could convert their content to videos quickly, with custom branded call-to-actions (CTAs).

Pictory offered them an easy way to solve a hard problem. It was a straightforward process for them to create video summaries of their blog posts without any technical nuance of video production. They are still able to leverage the Haiku as the lead-in to the video and were able to use their branded outro. The Haiku is the hook and the Pictory video is the perfect trigger that draws their audience into reading the complete blog post.

At Aeon Law, they now publicize every blog post with a Pictory video summary. They publish these videos on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Here is an example. Adam considers Pictory as a key partner in their marketing strategy.

Pictory for you

We are glad that Pictory can serve the core purpose of our customers. If you have a similar use case to repurpose your content into videos quickly and without any video product hassles, try Pictory today.

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