They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”. The film industry has been built on this idea as moving pictures actively communicate messages and tell stories to varied audiences.

At the forefront of the film industry, Hollywood has continuously pushed the boundaries of movie making, producing, and editing, with its most recent venture being Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) as movie-making tools. 

Hollywood uses Artificial Intelligence in a multitude of ways to enhance and expedite the movie-making process.

One way Artificial Intelligence is used is in overseeing the workflow of rendering animation and visual effects.

To paraphrase Rob Bredow, senior VP, executive creative director, and head of Industrial Light and Magic, artificial intelligence is used to schedule render jobs on the render farms to get workloads done every single night in a predictable fashion.

Another main use of Artificial Intelligence is in editing; AI is used to match dialogue in the script to its specific scene, making it easier and faster to edit, and AI also assists in reframing a video for different aspect ratios.

Furthermore, Artificial Intelligence is majorly used to help build and execute visual effects.

According to the Global Tech Council, AI can support movie editors: “with facial recognition technology, the AI algorithm can recognize the main characters and help sort out those scenes for human editors”. Artificial Intelligence can also produce the music score for a certain scene based on the situation, tone, and dialogue. 

Artificial Intelligence is so adaptable and multi-faceted that it not only assists with movie production, but also with movie marketing, analytics, customer targeting, and future planning.

AI accelerates the process of reading scripts, deciding which movies are worth investment, and determining how successful a movie will be.

According to Forbes, Warner Bros. has signed a deal with Cinelytic, “which has developed an AI-powered system that can predict the likelihood of a film’s success based on such factors as actors, budget and brand”.

Cinelytic uses Artificial Intelligence to help Warner Bros decide which movies to commission by determining the profitability of an actor and calculating how much money a film will earn. 

In terms of movie marketing, Artificial Intelligence is used to recommend where film studios should “arrange their promotions according to those places where the audience expects the highest interest” based on “the viewer base and the popularity of actors across the globe”, as stated by the Global Tech Council

AI is also utilized to analyze audience behavior, reviews, and box office trends to help better predict what each moviegoer would be interested in. 

Most importantly (to us), Artificial Intelligence can be used to create its own movies.

As Paul Debevec, senior scientist at Google, states, “decades from now, an AI algorithm will make your movie simply from the text of the script.

Why wait decades when Pictory is already making movies from scripts using artificial intelligence?

Using our “Script to Video” feature, you’re able to upload or paste your script directly into Pictory.

Pictory will then use Artificial Intelligence to transcribe your script and assign videos and images that match with the words in the script.

You’ll then have a full video based on your script in just a few easy clicks! Check out our Script to Video Tutorial

This is how we are revolutionizing the content marketing industry here at Pictory through the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Just like Hollywood is using AI to enhance the production and success of their movies (and revenue), Pictory uses Artificial Intelligence to help you produce the highest-quality, content-rich, professional videos on an easy-to-use, intuitive platform.

You may feel that AI is out of reach for individual small creators, however, Pictory brings Artificial Intelligence to you for just a few dollars a month – and it’s taking the creator community by storm!

Want to watch this article instead? Check out our Pictory-generated, Script to Video example for this article:


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