After several months of development and beta testing, we are happy to announce that Pictory is now Generally Available (GA) to users around the world. 

Pictory leverages advances in artificial intelligence (AI) to allow its users to easily create videos from text in minutes.  

AI Technologies in Pictory

Pictory has three key AI technologies that are at its core. First, it uses natural language processing (NLP), to automatically summarize a blog post or an article into a few key sentences, each of which forms a scene in the video. Next, it uses NLP and computer vision (CV) to automatically find a relevant background visual (picture or a video clip) representing each sentence. Finally, Pictory uses text to speech (TTS) to narrate these key sentences and provide a voice-over in the final video.

Why Videos

Video has much higher user engagement and conversion rates compared to any other form of content. Video engages all our senses and is a powerful medium to communicate our message.

Use Cases for Pictory

Pictory allows our users to create videos from many different sources of text, such as blogs, articles, white papers, and even emails, in minutes. 

With Pictory you can also create video product demos or video webinar invitations.  

Post these videos on social media and other digital channels and attract users to your site and your content. 

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