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Brian Killeen from Website Marketing First, which is a video marketing agency. Brian tells us how Pictory has helped him produce videos for clients. 

The Challenge

Brian highlighted the many challenges he faced as an agency creating videos:

  • Complexity of Traditional Video Editing Software: Brian struggled with conventional video editing platforms, which were often complicated and time-consuming to use. Programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro have steep learning curves, requiring significant investment in time to master.
  • Time Constraints: As the sole operator, creating videos was exceedingly time-consuming. He needed a solution that allowed him to produce quality content quickly because, as he mentioned, "time is my biggest killer." 
  • Quality of Output:  Finding a balance between quality and the time and effort required was a challenge.
  • Cost:  He struggled to find a cost-effective solution that didn't compromise on quality.
  • Adapting to Video Marketing Trends: Brian also mentioned the evolving nature of video marketing, where trends shift towards more engaging content like vlogs and short, captivating video snippets. 

The Solution

Brian found Pictory and now he is able to us the AI text editor to edit videos quickly, create short form videos for social media like reels and shorts, in the right time and with the right quality.   Also the syncing of voice to script when creating video has sped up the collaboration time with clients.

The Results

Brian has been able to produce social media content quicker and be more adaptive to market changes.  He also has saved time in collaborating with client to produce videos.

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