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Farooq Sensei is an expert in leadership training and shares insights on how to elevate leadership skills.  He discusses how he monetizes his courses on Udemy and explores other platforms for course sales.

The Challenge

Prior to Pictory, Farookh had many challenges in creating videos:

  • Time-Consumption with Traditional Editing: He used many traditional desktop video editors, which were very time-consuming. This was a significant problem because as a leader, he felt he should be working on the business, not in it. The extensive time spent editing videos meant he wasn't able to promote his courses effectively or upload them to platforms like Udemy.
  • Inefficient Video Production: Creating a four-minute video would take an entire day, which was inefficient and hindered his productivity. This was particularly problematic because his work involved regularly producing and selling video programs.
  • Searching for a Suitable Tool: Farookh was in search of a tool or application that could ease his workflow. He tried many applications during this period but none met his requirements, leading to a phase of trial and error without satisfactory results.
  • Desire for Quality Output: He needed high-quality features, images, and videos to create impactful content, but achieving this quality with traditional tools was a slow and laborious process.
  • Balancing Creativity with Business Needs: Farookh's role required balancing creative video production with the business aspects of selling and promoting courses, a challenging task with the tools he was using.

The Solution

Pictory addressed Farookh's challenges by significantly streamlining his video production process.  Pictory's user-friendly interface and AI-powered features enabled Farookh to produce high-quality, engaging videos with ease, thereby enhancing his course offerings on platforms like Udemy. Additionally, the platform's vast library of images and videos facilitated the creation of diverse and relevant content, aligning with his needs for efficient and impactful video production.

The Results

With Pictory, he was able to reduce the time required to create a four-minute video from an entire day to just 45 minutes. This efficiency allowed him to focus more on business development and leadership training rather than being bogged down by the technicalities of video editing.

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