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David Buaku makes Youtube videos in the health niche supported by his team of narrators and scriptwriters. Today we speak to David about Youtube, his workflow, outsourcing, our support and how Pictory has helped him on his Youtube Journey.

Pete Bennett: I'm here with David who is a Pictory user. David is using Pictory in a way which is quite different to the way that most people are using Pictory. I'm very excited to speak to him and find out exactly what he's doing with our product. So good afternoon to you, David. How are you, Sir?

David Buaku: I'm good thank you, and yourself.

Pete Bennett: Brilliant. Please tell us a little bit about your journey with Pictory, what you do and what kind of videos you're making?

David Buaku: So the videos are making is in the health niche. I currently have a team of two people, one person who's writing the articles for me and a voiceover person who's also reading the article. I go onto Pictory, I upload the script where it automatically chooses the selections for me.

I also upload the voiceover, one of the things I like is how it syncs the voiceover to the script, which makes it a lot easier for me. And then I just go through the whole video. And once in a while, I make a small tweak. But apart from that, it's like 99%, perfect for me to download, and then upload to YouTube.

Pete Bennett: That's brilliant. Because most people tend to use pictures on their own and do everything from scratch. But you've got a nice little workflow going. Where did you find the people to help you?

David Buaku: They are from the Philippines and I interviewed a few of the team on online jobs.

Pete Bennett: What was the website?

David Buaku: onlinejobs.ph

Pete Bennett: And presumably, everybody on there works in the Philippines.

David Buaku: Yes, correct.

Pete Bennett: So can you share any tips with people as to what to look out for when they're trying to hire a team?

David Buaku: Well, the first tip would be, when you're interviewing the team, find out about the person you're speaking to, whether it's someone you can work with. Because in terms of learning a skill, anyone can learn a skill, but if you cannot work with that person, or communicate with that person it’s useless. So that's one of the things I was doing, checking personality, hobbies, if we have anything in common, if we can have a joke, or laugh, this is a process I use.

Pete Bennett: Okay, so the people that you're working with, given that you're in the health niche, these are people who already know about the subject that they're writing about?

David Buaku: They have an interest in health, but much of this is research and just watching YouTube videos to view and read articles, those were some of the requirements. I did use Vid IQ for research in terms of keywords within the niche. And then I just gave them time to research within the working hours on the topic.

Pete Bennett: Okay, that's perfect. So they write the script, and then you have somebody else make a voiceover. Is that correct?

David Buaku: Yes, that's correct, they read and write the script.

Pete Bennett: Is that the same person or is that another member of the team? And what do you use in order to bring it all together? Do you use a particular workflow software? Or do you just do it via email, etc?

David Buaku: At the moment it's by email as I did not want to complicate it because it's the first time I've done it. If I’m using too many tools, I now need to explain to my team how to use the tools. And then it gets too complicated. So for me, it's just to get a workflow up and running, then, later on, I'll look for tools.

Pete Bennett: Perfect. I think that's exactly the right way to do it, you start off and you do it manually, then when it scales, that's when you need to put the tools in place. And hopefully, somewhere down the line, we'll start adding that kind of functionality into Pictory as well to make it easier for people to work with teams. Because once people start working with teams that can create far more videos, can't they?

David Buaku: That's one of the first questions I asked when I joined the Facebook group.

Pete Bennett: I'm very keen on having that in place because I think it really helped people up their game and be able to produce more and more videos. And at the end of the day, we just want people to make as many high-quality videos as possible. So, you then do the uploading to YouTube after that?

David Buaku: Yes, correct. And then for the thumbnails, I'm using Canva.

Pete Bennett: Okay, that's a great tool isn't it?

David Buaku: Yes. Excellent.

Pete Bennett: And do you know how to optimise the videos when they've been uploaded?

David Buaku: I use PIctory to generate, download it, and then what I've got is what I upload.

Pete Bennett: Okay. Well, keep tuned into the Facebook group for Pictory because we share tips on YouTube optimization and how to get more views and more subscribers and all that sort of stuff. So when you buy into Pictory, you also get the community that will help you with that.

David Buaku: Okay. I'll look into that.

Pete Bennett: So stay tuned. Have you ever tried making videos using traditional desktop-based editors such as Final Cut or Premiere Pro?

David Buaku: I tried once using Camtasia. But for me, it's very challenging. Where do I start? What do I do to find the bits and pieces? And then there's a timeline, which for me, it was all a big mess. And it never encouraged me to actually progress. It’s never done anything that Pictory isn't already doing for me. Pictory made it a lot easier for me to actually join my YouTube journey.

Pete Bennett: I'm glad that you like the fact that we don't have a timeline. That's one thing that I know the technical people designed into the product because most people that try and use a desktop editor never get past the first video because it's too complicated. With Pictory you can edit the text in the same way that you can edit a Word document, and then make a video.

David Buaku: Yes, that's true.

Pete Bennett: How many videos are you making at the moment?

David Buaku: At the moment, it's 10.

Pete Bennett: That’s a lot of videos. And there's no way that you would be able to do that I suspect if you were using a desktop editor, that would probably take you a day, to do one video?

David Buaku: Well, I've never tried it, because, for me, it's more about looking at my major questions. Where do I start? I've been procrastinating for a while, I only found out about making searches on YouTube and how to edit features. I saw a review of Pictory and that's how I was able to find the service.

Pete Bennett: Brilliant, that's fantastic. If there's somebody watching this, who hasn't used Pictory before, what would you say to them?

David Buaku: If you want to go into the YouTube journey it's such a quick and easy service to use, it’s not a hard journey to do. So all you have to focus on is your script. It's a nice way to start your video journey. So you can express what you need through your scripts instead of actually worrying about adding other features to them and it's nice and simple to do.

Pete Bennett: Perfect. Well, I think we'll leave it there. That's wonderful. Thank you very much for sharing your journey. We wish you all the best of luck with it. And we're here to help you in the Facebook group or in the support team. Make use of us we are here.

David Buaku: We will do it. Thank you.

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