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David creates health-related videos using Pictory, using the AI graphical tools and voice overs.  He runs a small team of creators.

The Challenge

David faced several challenges before finding Pictory for his video production needs:

  • Complexity of Traditional Video Editing Software: David tried using Camtasia, a desktop-based video editor, but found it very challenging. He struggled with understanding the workflow, especially the timeline, which appeared confusing and overwhelming.
  • Lack of Technical Skills for Video Production: David lacked the technical skills required for traditional video production. He found it difficult to figure out where to start and how to proceed with editing, which led to procrastination.
  • Need for a Simplified Process: David was searching for an easier way to create videos. He needed a tool that would simplify the video creation process, allowing him to focus more on the content (like scripts) rather than the technical aspects of video editing.
  • Team Collaboration and Workflow: David also required a workflow that could integrate his team's efforts. He has a team consisting of a writer and a voice-over artist from the Philippines. Managing this team and the video creation process was a challenge that needed a streamlined approach.

The Solution

Pictory, with its user-friendly interface and ability to sync voice-overs to scripts, provided a solution to these problems. It allowed David to focus on content creation rather than the complexities of video editing, thus enabling him to produce a significant number of videos per week without the technical challenges he faced before.

The Results

David has gone from creating zero videos to creating 10 videos per week.  This has saved him time, money and stress trying to learn complicated software.

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