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David, is a hypnotherapist with a private clinic called Cumbria Hypnosis Mindfulness Clinic.  He discusses how Pictory helps him market his business using video as a solo-preneur.

The Challenge

Here are the challenges David used to face in creating videos:

  • Time-Consuming Visual Content Creation: David believed in the power of visual hooks to grab people's attention on social media. However, creating these visuals was time-consuming.
  • Image Rights Issues: He highlighted the difficulty in finding images to use without rights attached, indicating that previously it might have been easier to use any image, but the tightening of copyright and image rights has made this less feasible.
  • Workflow Optimization: He needed to optimize his workflow for posting videos, which can also be time consuming.
  • Complexity of Video Editing: David mentions his limited editing skills, adding to the time and complexity of using normal video editing software.
  • Efficiency in Content Creation: The creation of videos was a daunting task that took a considerable amount of time. This inefficiency limited the frequency and quality of his video marketing efforts.

The Solution

By adopting Pictory, David was able to overcome these challenges significantly. He mentions the ease of creating videos with the script to video function, the use of AI tools like ChatGPT to write scripts, and the intuitive nature of the Pictory platform that allows him to produce quality content in less time. Additionally, the platform’s capability to edit out verbal fillers (like "umms" and "ahhs") in videos and add his own branding has streamlined his content creation process, enhancing his promotional activities.

The Results

Since adopting Pictory for his hypnotherapy clinic's marketing, David has experienced a huge improvement in his workflow. He can now craft high-quality, engaging videos in mere minutes, a task that used to consume half a day. This efficiency has enabled him to produce content more frequently, with at least one or two videos per week, significantly increasing his social media engagement.

Moreover, the intuitive nature of the platform has streamlined his content creation process, freeing up valuable time and making marketing an enjoyable task.

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