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Pastor Josh discusses how he uploads his sermons and uses Pictory to expand his message in small amounts across social media.  

The Challenge

Pastor Josh highlighted the many challenges he faced as an agency creating videos:

  • Time-Consuming Video Editing: He found the process of editing videos for social media to be a time-consuming task. He had to edit the video, add stock footage, and put it all together manually.
  • Engagement with Longer Content: His sermons were lengthy, around 45 minutes, which made it difficult for his congregation to find the time to engage with the full content.
  • Transcription Inefficiency: Before Pictory, he mentioned using Adobe Premiere Pro's recent transcription feature, which implies he likely faced challenges with efficiently transcribing his sermons.
  • Content Accessibility: Ensuring that the content was accessible to people in different environments, particularly those where turning on audio wasn't feasible, was a challenge. This made subtitles a necessary feature.
  • Limited Social Media Interaction: There was a need to increase social media engagement, which longer videos weren't fulfilling.
  • Technical Limitations: As a developer himself, he could appreciate the complexities of video editing and the lack of easy-to-use tools that could simplify his workflow for non-developers.

The Solution

Pictory provided a comprehensive solution for Josh's challenges by streamlining the video editing process, which saved him significant time that was previously spent on manual editing. The software's ability to transcribe and allow for quick selection and highlighting of key sermon points, enabled Josh to create engaging, concise videos suitable for social media platforms.

With Pictory's large database of stock footage, he could add visually appealing content to his clips, enhancing the storytelling aspect while avoiding abrupt transitions. The addition of subtitles and licensed music features facilitated greater accessibility and engagement, particularly in sound-sensitive environments. 

The Results

Josh has saved hours in being able to create engaging shorter content, consequently, the bite-sized videos generated more interest and views than the full-length sermons, effectively reaching a wider audience and improving social media interaction for his church.

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