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Tom Brodie is the The Found Money Guy who teaches building owners accelerate their depreciation write-offs.  As a teacher in a complicated market, Tom uses Pictory to market his services with video. 

The Challenge

Here are the challenges Tom used to face in creating videos:

  • Lack of Visual Appeal: Tom mentioned that he was making videos himself by getting in front of a cell phone camera, but he acknowledged that this approach had limitations.
  • Time-Consuming Video Creation: Tom mentioned that creating videos himself took a lot of time. He discussed the need to write scripts, set up cameras, and edit the videos, which made the video creation process laborious and time-consuming.
  • Difficulty in Finding the Right Content: Tom explained that one of the challenges with video creation was finding the right video clips to match his content. He noted that he spent a lot of time searching for the exact video clip to complement his script.
  • Limited Resources: Tom mentioned that he had limited resources and was using desktop video editing software, which could be cumbersome, especially with older computers.
  • Overwhelming Technical Jargon: Tom's industry involves technical concepts like cost segregation and accelerated depreciation.  He acknowledged that initially, he used too much technical jargon in his content, which may have made it less accessible.

The Solution

Pictory has significantly assisted Tom in his content marketing and video creation endeavors by simplifying complex concepts in his technical field, streamlining the video creation process, and enhancing visual appeal.

It enables him to efficiently repurpose written content into engaging videos, improving viewer engagement through dynamic visuals and scene changes. Pictory's cost-effective solution eliminates resource constraints, such as the need for expensive video editing software, making it a valuable tool that has addressed the challenges Tom faced before using the platform.

The Results

Since using Pictory for less than a month, Tom has reported increased interest and outreach from individuals across the country for his cost segregation services, indicating a broadened audience reach. His videos have become more engaging and attention-grabbing.  Additionally, Tom has efficiently repurposed existing written content into compelling videos, potentially saving time and resources in content creation. 

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