Emmanuel is enjoying the evolution of Pictory. And, why he believes we are the best in the market.


Emmanuel is a video creator in his spare time which works around his full-time job. Today he talks to us about being awarded work from clients gained in our Facebook group, and how he is enjoying the evolution of Pictory. And, why he believes we are the best in the market.

Pete Bennett: Thank you for joining us Emmanuel. Nice to meet you.

Emmanuel Calvario: Thank you so much for the opportunity to be here.

Pete Bennett: So, please just tell us a little bit about yourself and how you're using Pictory nowadays?

Emmanuel Calvario: Yeah, sure. So Pictory for creating videos is just really a hobby. I have a full-time job. But I noticed that I have a lot of friends who have YouTube videos, and they're really enjoying it.

They used to be into blogging, and I used to do blogging as well. But I guess right now with the things that I'd like to share in the world, I'd like to create a video that is very entertaining and very informative as well.

So before Pictory, I used to do the videos manually, I usually use Camtasia, Adobe, and any video editors that you could use. Although those video editors were really good, it would really consume too much time.

And so I discovered another programme back then, which was called Vidnami, it was really helpful. I had created a few videos using that and mastered it, unfortunately, that’s gone. But you know, one of my friends introduced me to Pictory. And I can see that this is the closest to Vidnami.

It has very wonderful features as well, I noticed that it really cut so much time in creating those videos. And the good thing about this is it keeps on evolving.

We started using it just a few months ago and now there are so many updates that you can really enjoy. And it would really save you money as well because you don't have to keep on buying multiple subscriptions for different products.

Like the voiceovers, for example, previously I used a different voiceover. But with Pictory you updated your voiceovers and you have more natural-sounding voiceovers available. And so I was able to cancel the other subscription that I had, and we are only using the ones that are in Pictory right now.

And the good thing about this, like what you mentioned Pete is the YouTube channel is now monetized with the help of Pictory as well. And at the same time, I also I'm also getting clients on the side who are paying a good amount of money for the videos that they wanted me to create.

Pete Bennett: Wow, that's brilliant. And you mentioned before we started this interview that the clients that you've got, predominantly came through our Facebook group?

Emmanuel Calvario: Yes, the Facebook group, that's right.

Pete Bennett: If I can speak to the product updates and the Facebook group, we try and introduce new features, at least once or twice a month. And we listen to the people that are in the Facebook group for feedback and then try and incorporate what people want into the product wherever possible.

So we very much want to evolve into the product that you guys want. The technical term for this is to be a product-led company. And I think we're delivering on that promise, although there's always further to go and we'll continue to release updates, ad infinitum.

Emmanuel Calvario: Yes, I agree.

Pete Bennett: So the kind of videos that you were doing for your client that you found in the group, can you just tell us a little bit more about that, obviously, don't name the client, but just explain what they're using the videos for?

Emmanuel Calvario: Well, mostly, it's either for their YouTube ads, or for YouTube content as well using video, but mostly for YouTube ads. It’s usually three to five-minute videos that they use.

Pete Bennett: Okay. If there was somebody that hadn't used Pictory before and maybe was thinking of doing so what would you say to them?

Emmanuel Calvario: Jump in as early as now, if you're someone who's doing videos manually right now, or maybe using a different programme like the ones I've used before, which I will not name after Vidnami. I think, so far, this one is the best in the market.

Pete Bennett: Brilliant, thank you. We have an affiliate programme, which means if you sign up for that, and then you start to recommend us on your social media channels or via your email lists or any other community, then we'll give you a percentage of the recurring revenues that we get from those subscriptions.

So once you've got five or six people who you've recommended us to your subscriptions are effectively free because we're paying for the people that you bring to us.

We would sooner pay our loyal and enthusiastic group of fans, whom we call pictorials incidentally, to help spread the love about Pictory, than spend money with Google because we think Google's got enough money already.

We would rather share it with the community. It's all about helping each other and being successful together, isn't it? And that's one of our core ethoses.

Well Emmanual, you've been absolutely wonderful. Thank you very much for your time. I really appreciate you taking some time out of your busy day to talk to me. And I'm still intrigued to hear that guitar behind you at some stage.

Emmanuel Calvario: I actually haven't changed the strings yet.

Pete Bennett: Maybe can do a Pictory video about how to play the guitar. Thank you very much for your time.

Emmanuel Calvario: Thank you so much.

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