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Adam runs Reversedout.com which is a digital Digital Marketing Agency. In this case study, he explains how Pictory has helped him open up another stream of income but also how it has impacted his business marketing.

The Challenge

Here are the challenges Adam used to face in creating videos:

  • Content Production Challenges: Adam needed to consistently produce fresh content for SEO purposes. He used AI to help write blog posts but found that just having text and images wasn't enough for the best SEO performance.
  • Multimedia Requirement: For a blog post to rank higher, multimedia content, specifically videos, were necessary according to a tool he used on WordPress. However, creating videos was a time-consuming task that Adam was not able to commit to due to his busy schedule managing his agency.
  • Lack of Video Content: Despite recognizing the importance of video for SEO and engagement, Adam did not have a YouTube channel or any consistent video strategy before Pictory, because the process of making videos was too complicated or required more resources than he could allocate.
  • Operational Efficiency: Creating quality content is very time consuming and costly.
  • Quality Control: As the owner, Adam wanted to maintain a certain level of quality control over his content.
  • Resource Limitations: producing videos that met his quality standards and SEO needs may have required significant resources in terms of skilled labor, which he may not have had.

The Solution

Before using Pictory, Adam and his digital marketing agency, were struggling to consistently produce rich multimedia content due to time constraints and the resources required for creating such content manually. Pictory provided a transformative solution by enabling the creation of engaging video content quickly and efficiently, effectively doing the job of multiple people in minutes.
This tool allowed for the easy integration of SEO-friendly multimedia into blog posts, boosted the agency's presence on YouTube (and thereby its SEO performance), and provided a new stream of revenue through the production of client videos. Pictory's ease of use and affordability also made it possible for Adam to consider delegating these tasks, further streamlining the content creation process for his agency.

The Results

Pictory has enabled him to engage in video marketing, a medium he was not utilizing previously, in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. This has expanded his reach and bottom line.

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