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Karin works full time and runs her own shopify store, while also creating content for her Medium channel.  Here is how Pictory is helping her with sales and engagement.

The Challenge

Here are the challenges Karin used to face in creating videos:

  • Time-Savings: Lengthy and complex video editing for her Shopify products, consuming substantial time.
  • Creativity: Struggles in crafting compelling content for her e-commerce platform, impacting audience engagement.
  • Social Media Engagement: Difficulty in increasing engagement on her Medium articles, limiting reach and interaction.
  • Content repurposing: The necessity for a more streamlined method to create and distribute content across diverse social media channels, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

The Solution

Karin found significant benefits in using Pictory for her e-commerce and writing endeavors. Pictory simplified her video creation process, allowing her to efficiently produce engaging product videos for her Shopify store. This tool also enhanced her ability to create captivating content for her Medium articles, improving reader engagement. By leveraging Pictory, Karin effectively managed her time, increased product visibility on various social media platforms, and boosted overall audience engagement across her diverse online ventures.

The Results

Pictory has enabled Karin to increase sales and traffic for her Shopify store, and enhance engagement on her Medium articles.

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