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Robin is a life coach, who uses Pictory to get her message out across social media and improve her reach, leading to helping more people and getting more clients.

The Challenge

Here are the challenges Robin used to face in creating videos:

  • Lack of Creativity:  As an individual with an accounting background, Robin did not consider herself a creative person.
  • Complexity in Video Creation:   Robin found it time-consuming and difficult to create videos using other platforms, which were not user-friendly for her.
  • Time-Consuming Production:  It would take Robin "forever" to create a single video with other tools, limiting her ability to produce content consistently. The time investment required for video production was a significant hurdle, reducing her efficiency and productivity.
  • Quality of Output: The videos she managed to produce before using Pictory did not meet her quality standards; she humorously remarked they looked as if her granddaughter had cut and pasted them.
  • Volume of Content:  Due to the time and effort involved, Robin was only able to post one or two videos a week, which constrained her content marketing strategy.
  • Accessibility and Engagement:  It was difficult to make her content more accessible and engaging for a diverse audience, including those who are visually impaired or watching videos in environments where audio cannot be played.

The Solution

Pictory provided Robin with an intuitive and creative platform that simplified her video production process, enabling her to overcome her "lack of creativity" and technical expertise in video creation.

With Pictory's user-friendly interface, she could efficiently produce high-quality videos that looked professional and were well-received by her audience, significantly reducing the time and effort previously required. This tool facilitated the inclusion of features like captions, enhancing accessibility and allowing her to post engaging content daily across multiple social media platforms, ultimately increasing her content output and viewer engagement without the need for specialized video production skills.

The Results

Pictory has enabled Robin to go from posting 2-3 times per week, to everyday across ALL platforms, without spending extra time.  The content produced is professional and is helping her get more engagement and more clients.

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