"We put our first two courses that we've created purely in Pictory, and my average instructor rating has gone from being a 4.4 up to a 4.75."

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Tania Magdalene, from the Academy of Ancient Magik, uses video to create online training courses focused on alternative therapies, alternative medicines, and related fields. Tania works with a team of medical professionals, including Reiki practitioners, angelic healers, and a doctor of psychology. They create courses that are typically around 2.5 hours long, divided into 5-minute lectures. 

The Challenge

Before using Pictory, Tania faced several challenges:

  • Time-Consuming Video Production: Initially, creating course videos was a lengthy process, taking about an hour to produce 5 minutes of video.  It was hard and costly to create quality material.
  • Learning and Using Complex Software: She had to learn and use complex video creation software and do all the audio editing herself.
  • High Costs: Acquiring images and videos for courses was expensive, significantly increasing the production costs.
  • Language Limitations: As they have foreign language instructors, creating course videos in different languages was a challenge.
  • Content Distribution Challenges: They needed efficient ways to distribute content on platforms like Udemy and social media.
  • Feedback and Ratings: Ensuring high-quality content that receives positive feedback and high ratings on platforms like Udemy was crucial.

The Solution

Pictory significantly transformed Tania's course creation process by streamlining and simplifying video production. The platform allowed her to effortlessly convert scripts into high-quality videos, bypassing the need for complex video editing software and extensive learning curves. This not only saved her considerable time but also drastically cut down costs, as Pictory provided a cost-effective alternative to expensive image and video resources.

Furthermore, the inclusion of AI voices, including multilingual options, addressed the challenge of producing content in various languages, broadening the reach of her courses. 

The Results

The improved efficiency and quality of her course videos, as a result of using Pictory, led to an increase in her courses' ratings and positive feedback from students, enhancing her online presence and credibility in the e-learning market.

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