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In this video, Doctor Jackie Golden, a Life and Business Strategist from the Golden Business Group LLC, discusses how she uses Pictory to create videos to grow her business..

The Challenge

As a goal success life coach and consultant, she helped professionals transition from corporate jobs to entrepreneurship, emphasizing freedom and fulfillment. Before Pictory she faced several challenges:

  • Time Consumption: Creating content to convey her ideas and messages was highly time-consuming. It used to require approximately 3 hours to several days. This time sink affected her ability to produce and share content efficiently.
  • Creative Process Bottlenecks: Jackie had a wealth of ideas and inspirations but struggled to transform them into tangible, visual content. The manual process of creating graphics and recording videos for every concept was overwhelming and impractical for her workflow.
  • Technical Limitations and Costs: Jackie relied on various tools, including desktop editors like Camtasia and subscriptions to Getty Images or Storyblock, for creating her content. This not only incurred extra costs but also added complexity to her production process, as she had to navigate and utilize multiple platforms and resources.
  • Voice Limitations: Jackie also faced personal challenges, such as a raspiness in her voice, which could potentially limit her ability to produce voice-overs for her content. This added another layer of difficulty to her content creation process.

The Solution

Pictory significantly alleviated Jackie's challenges by streamlining the content creation process, reducing the time required from hours or days to just 15 to 30 minutes. The platform enabled her to easily transform her ideas into tangible, visual content without the need for extensive graphic design or video editing skills.

Pictory's vast library of images and videos, coupled with its script-to-video AI function, eliminated the need for multiple subscriptions and tools, offering a one-stop solution for all her content needs.

Furthermore, the addition of ultra-realistic voice options provided a valuable resource for overcoming personal challenges related to voice-over production, ensuring consistency in her content output even on days when she faced vocal limitations.

The Results

Jackie has experienced notable improvements in her social media engagement and reach, particularly on platforms like Facebook and TikTok.   This positive shift in her social media performance underscores the value of Pictory, as it not only enhances the quality of her content but also pays for itself through the results it delivers.

There was also a financial benefit, saving Jackie from paying for multiple subscriptions, because of Pictory's vast library of images through Getty Images and voices through Eleven Labs. 

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