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Mary, an e-learning agency owner uses Pictory for creating training and marketing videos.  See how Pictory has impacted her business.

The Challenge

Mary faced several challenges before using Pictory:

  • High Production Costs: Creating specific medical training videos required expensive studio setups and hiring live actors, which was cost-prohibitive.
  • Time-Consuming Processes: The process of creating and editing videos was lengthy, involving multiple steps and waiting periods when using traditional video editing software and freelancers.
  • Dependence on Freelancers: The need to hire freelance video editors for various tasks added complexity and additional costs to the production process.
  • Multiple Software Subscriptions: Maintaining subscriptions to various software tools (e.g., Adobe products, TechSmith) was costly and cumbersome for a small business.
  • Limited Budget Flexibility for Clients: Many clients had limited budgets for training videos, making it difficult to provide high-quality content without exceeding their financial constraints.
  • Voiceover Costs: Hiring human voiceover artists was often too expensive for clients with smaller budgets.
  • Inefficient Editing Workflow: Editing video interviews and other pre-recorded content was not streamlined, adding to the overall time and cost of production.

The Solution

Pictory significantly streamlined Mary's video production process by providing an affordable and efficient solution that reduced both time and costs. By utilizing Pictory's vast library of Getty Images and AI-driven tools, Mary could easily create high-quality training videos without the need for expensive studio setups or freelance video editors.

The script-to-video function allowed her to produce engaging content quickly, and the AI voices eliminated the need for costly human voiceovers, making it feasible to meet clients' budget constraints. Additionally, Pictory's user-friendly interface and comprehensive features enabled her to produce and edit videos in a fraction of the time, enhancing productivity and client satisfaction.

The Results

Pictory has significantly reduced costs by eliminating the need for multiple software subscriptions and freelance editors, saving approximately 10% of the budget on subscriptions alone.

The tool's efficiency allowed Mary to create a three-minute training video in under an hour, from scriptwriting to production and editing, which greatly increased productivity.

Client satisfaction soared due to the high-quality output and quick turnaround times, enabling Mary to deliver polished videos on budget and on time. Additionally, Pictory's versatility in content creation allowed her to produce both marketing videos and training content, expanding the range of services her business could offer.

The tool's ease of use meant Mary could train her team to use it effectively, facilitating scalable growth as more team members could contribute to video production. Overall, by offering high-quality videos at a lower cost, Mary’s business gained a competitive edge, attracting clients with smaller budgets who might otherwise have been unable to afford professional video production.

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