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Mitchell J Raab runs Common G Blue, an e-commerce site selling consumer electronics and technology products with a focus on providing the right products based on customer needs.  Here is how he uses Pictory.

The Challenge

Before using Pictory, Mitchell faced several challenges:

  • Limited Use of Video Content: Prior to Pictory, Mitchell focused primarily on posting pictures and used different websites for editing those products. There was a notable absence of video content in his marketing approach.
  • Reduced Outreach and Engagement: Without the use of videos, Mitchell experienced limitations in terms of outreach and engagement on platforms like Instagram.
  • Time and Productivity: The process of creating content, especially video content, was more time-consuming Mitchell mentioned that it used to take him about a week to plan and create video content.
  • Less Effective Storytelling: Before Pictory, Mitchell's approach to marketing and advertising lacked the storytelling aspect that he later found effective with Pictory. 

The Solution

Pictory provided a comprehensive solution to the challenges Mitchell faced at Common G Blue. The easy-to-create video content was a game-changer, addressing the lack of engaging visual media in his marketing strategies.

The storytelling aspect of Pictory, which was previously missing, allowed Mitchell to craft more compelling and relatable narratives around his products, enhancing the overall customer experience.

The streamlined workflow offered by Pictory proved to be another major advantage. This time-saving feature enabled Mitchell to focus more on strategic aspects of his business rather than getting bogged down in content creation. 

The Results

Pictory helped increased the social media outreach, particularly on Instagram, but also significantly boosted customer engagement, leading to a surge in new customers, leads, and followers.  In relation to workflow, what once took a week to produce could now be accomplished in about 10 minutes, drastically improving productivity and efficiency. 

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