"Using Pictory, we make really engaging videos and it's just such a time saver. A video can be made in a couple of minutes and then we can edit it with the music and the voiceovers and get a finished result in a fraction of the time it would normally take."

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Grant, a user from a national planning and design consultancy, has found Pictory to be an efficient and easy-to-use tool for creating video content.

The Challenge

Grant faced several challenges before using Pictory:

  • Inefficient Video Content Creation: Grant struggled to create video content quickly and efficiently, which was necessary to keep up with their content needs.
  • Limited Professional Resources: The company had limited experience and access to professional video production resources, relying mostly on basic tools and skills.
  • Manual Video Shooting: They relied on manually shooting videos using mobile devices or basic cameras, which often resulted in inconsistent quality.
  • Tedious Editing Process: Stitching together stock footage manually was a time-consuming and tedious process, making it difficult to produce cohesive videos.
  • Time-Consuming Production: The entire process of producing a video, from shooting to editing, took a significant amount of time, hindering productivity.
  • Need for Multimedia Content: There was a clear need for more engaging multimedia content to complement the written information on their website, making it more accessible and interesting for clients.

The Solution

Pictory addressed Grant's challenges by providing an efficient and user-friendly tool for video content creation. Grant could quickly convert text and URLs into engaging videos, drastically reducing the time and effort required for production.

The platform's intuitive interface eliminated the need for professional video production skills, enabling Grant and his team to produce high-quality videos using basic resources. Pictory's powerful editing capabilities allowed for seamless integration of music, voiceovers, and other elements, transforming complex and technical planning information into easily digestible and engaging content. 

The Results

Using Pictory yielded significant results for Grant and his team. One of their most notable successes was with a video on permitted development, a complex and highly sought-after topic by their clients. The video quickly became the most-watched on their website and generated substantial positive feedback, including comments, likes, and increased client inquiries.

Many clients who previously struggled to understand the information from written content found the video format much clearer, prompting them to seek Grant's services. This demonstrated a tangible uplift in client engagement and understanding, showcasing Pictory's effectiveness in enhancing their communication and marketing efforts.

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