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Ivana, a business owner, uses Pictory to create videos for her mortgage business, see the benefits she has found.

The Challenge

Ivana faced several challenges before using Pictory:

  • Complexity of Video Creation: Ivana found other video creation tools too complicated and difficult to use, which was a challenge given her inexperience with video editing.
  • Time-Consuming Process: Creating videos from her written material was a lengthy process as she had to manually repurpose content into video format, including finding suitable visuals and editing scene by scene.
  • Lack of User-Friendly Tools: Ivana needed a tool that was easy to understand and use without requiring extensive technical knowledge or experience in video production.
  • Limited Resources for Visuals and Audio: She faced difficulties in sourcing appropriate images, videos, and AI voices that matched her content and met her needs for a variety of topics within the mortgage industry.
  • Workflow Efficiency: The manual process of creating videos and the inability to easily switch formats or edit text and visuals within a single platform hampered her workflow efficiency.
  • Building a Comprehensive Video Library: Ivana's goal of creating a diverse and extensive video library for her clients was hindered by the cumbersome and time-intensive nature of traditional video creation methods.

The Solution

Pictory solved Ivana's challenges by providing an intuitive, user-friendly platform that simplified the video creation process. The tool allowed her to easily convert written content into video format by submitting text, which Pictory then transformed into videos with editable visuals and AI voices.

This eliminated the need for complex video editing skills and reduced the time spent on manual searches for appropriate media. Pictory's extensive library of images and videos, along with the ability to edit scene by scene, enabled Ivana to efficiently create a diverse video library tailored to her clients' needs.

The platform's flexibility in exporting videos in various formats further streamlined her workflow, allowing her to focus on delivering valuable mortgage education content.

The Results

Using Pictory, Ivana significantly increased her productivity, creating almost 10 professional-looking videos in a month.   The user-friendly platform drastically reduced the time and effort required for video creation, enabling her to build a comprehensive video library tailored to various aspects of the mortgage industry.

As a new user with no prior video editing experience, Ivana found Pictory easy to learn and use, enhancing her ability to deliver valuable mortgage education content efficiently.

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