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Jane from the Esoteric Witch, a holistic therapy company, discusses how she uses Pictory to generate original content videos for her viewers.

The Challenge

Before using Pictory, Jane faced several challenges:

  • Low Engagement with Written Content: Prior to using Pictory, Jane focused on written blogs to promote her services. However, she noticed that the engagement level with this format was quite low. 
  • Technological Challenges: Jane describes herself as a "technophobe," suggesting that she faced difficulties or hesitations in using complex technological tools for content creation. 
  • Time and Resource Constraints: It was not possible to create video content daily, because it required significant time and resources. 
  • Limited Reach and Audience Growth: Initially, Jane relied on organic growth without paid ads. The lack of engaging and visually appealing content like videos hindered her ability to attract a wider audience and grow her reach organically.

The Solution

By offering an intuitive and user-friendly platform, Pictory enabled Jane, who self-identifies as a technophobe, to seamlessly transition from written blogs to engaging video content.

The AI voiceover feature in Pictory addressed her concern about her accent and provided consistent, professional-sounding voiceovers for her videos, reinforcing her brand's identity. Moreover, the ease and speed of creating videos with Pictory allowed Jane to maintain a daily content creation schedule efficiently, which was crucial given her business demands.

The platform's ability to transform scripts into polished, high-quality videos meant that even without advanced video editing skills or resources, Jane could produce compelling content that resonated with her audience. 

The Results

This shift dramatically increased audience engagement, as evidenced by her reported 350,000 engagement analytics.  Pictory not only enhanced her online presence but also contributed to organic growth without the need for paid advertisements, marking a significant improvement in her marketing and outreach strategies.


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