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Joseph Johnson, the CEO of Kansal Clan Culture, using Pictory to promote his civil rights apparel business, and loves how it enables him to spend more time being creative and less time on the details of making videos!

The Challenge

Joseph faced several challenges before using Pictory:

  • Time-Consuming Process: Joseph had to manually download videos, photos, and audio from various stock media sites. He spent extensive time searching for appropriate visuals and audio to match the narrative, and the scriptwriting process was tedious, requiring him to align the script with suitable media.
  • Complexity in Video Creation: Creating videos was complex as Joseph utilized multiple tools for different aspects of video creation, such as Premiere for editing. He had to add animations, transitions, and branding separately in the editing software.
  • Research Burden: Joseph needed to hunt down specific historical photos not available in stock media, and he spent significant time conducting searches for suitable stock photos, videos, and audio to build his narratives.
  • Cost of Software: Maintaining memberships to various stock photo, video, and audio sites was costly for Joseph. He invested considerable effort in aggregating all the necessary assets for video production.
  • Limited Output: The cumbersome and lengthy process limited the number of stories and narratives Joseph could produce. The overwhelming task of media aggregation and editing made it difficult for him to focus on creativity and storytelling.

The Solution

Pictory significantly streamlined Joseph's video creation process by providing an all-in-one platform that integrated scriptwriting, media sourcing, and editing.

With Pictory, Joseph could easily plug in his scripts, and the AI would automatically find suitable visuals and audio, drastically reducing the time and effort he previously spent on manual searches and downloads.

The platform's access to a vast library of Getty Images and professional AI voiceovers eliminated the need for multiple stock media subscriptions and complex editing tools. As a result, Joseph was able to produce more narratives efficiently, allowing him to focus on creativity and storytelling while saving both time and money.

The Results

Using Pictory, Joseph achieved significant time savings and increased efficiency in video creation by automating the search for appropriate visuals and audio, which allowed him to produce more narratives and stories.

The platform's integration of Getty Images and AI voiceover tools reduced his overall costs by eliminating the need for multiple stock media subscriptions. This freed him to focus on the creative aspects of storytelling, enhancing the educational and branding value of his apparel company, Kansal Clan Culture.

Additionally, the innovative use of QR codes linked to videos on his products improved customer engagement and provided a unique way to educate people on social justice history.

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