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In this video, Kseniia from ClearLine (telecoms company), talks to Pete about how she uses PIctory as a new approach to content creation. She uses textual formats she already has and repurposes them into high-quality videos with Pictory.

The Challenge

Before using Pictory, Ksenia faced several challenges:

  • Niche Market Complexity: The digital point of sale marketing is a niche area that required extensive education for both the team and potential clients. This complexity necessitated the creation of educational materials in various formats to explain the concept and its benefits effectively.
  • Content Creation Limitations: The process of creating engaging content was significantly more challenging for Ksenia and her team. There was a pressing need to produce diverse content formats to cater to different preferences and learning styles, particularly emphasizing the growing preference for video content over textual information.
  • Efficiency in Content Production: The traditional methods of content creation, especially for video, were time-consuming and often resulted in less than satisfactory outcomes due to the team's self-professed lack of design and video editing skills. This inefficiency hindered their ability to quickly produce and distribute educational and promotional materials.
  • Adaptation to Learning Preferences: Recognizing that not all customers prefer to consume content through reading, there was a challenge in adapting their content strategy to include more accessible and engaging formats, such as videos, which could appeal to a broader audience.
  • Maximizing Use of Content: There was also a challenge in efficiently utilizing all generated content, including scraps of information that did not make it into final articles or presentations, which could still be valuable if repurposed correctly.

The Solution

Pictory easy to use AI editor and imagery enabled the transformation of textual information into high-quality video content.  

This approach allowed for the repurposing of content scraps that didn't make it into articles, further maximizing content utilization, which also made it more engaging for the end user.

Videos created with Pictory were primarily distributed through YouTube, leveraging its status as the second largest search engine, to enhance visibility, engagement, and ultimately, customer acquisition.

Embedding these videos on their website and blog pages catered to visitors who preferred video content over long-form articles, improving the user experience and SEO simultaneously.

The Results

Pictory has played a crucial role in overcoming the initial challenges faced by Clear Line in content creation and distribution, enabling them to produce engaging video content efficiently and enhance their digital marketing strategy.

Early results showed a positive trend in engagement and SEO performance, attributed to the strategic use of Pictory for video content creation and distribution.

Ksenia advocated for the use of Pictory to anyone not already leveraging it, emphasizing the time savings and potential for creating quality video content easily.

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