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Mahan, a representative from Argon Centre in Birmingham, UK, regularly uses Pictory for creating informative videos for their training courses and finds it efficient, time-saving, and easy to create engaging content, with the ability to disseminate it across multiple social media platforms

The Challenge

Mahan faced several challenges before using Pictory:

  • Manual Video Recording:  Mahan had to record videos independently, which was a time-consuming process.
  • Resource Gathering: Finding appropriate resources for video content required additional effort.
  • Multiple Tools for Editing: Editing videos involved using various tools and applications, complicating the workflow.
  • Time Consumption: The entire process of creating and editing videos was significantly more time-consuming compared to using Pictory.
  • Inefficiency: The lack of an integrated platform made the content creation process less efficient.

The Solution

Pictory significantly streamlined Mahan's content creation process by providing an integrated platform that allowed him to produce videos quickly and efficiently.

Instead of manually recording and editing videos using multiple tools, Pictory enabled him to create engaging videos from scripts within minutes. This not only saved him considerable time but also simplified the workflow by suggesting relevant images and clips, and allowing easy editing and customization. As a result, Mahan could focus on producing high-quality content and effectively disseminate it across various social media platforms, enhancing his outreach and engagement.

The Results

Using Pictory, Mahan saw significant improvements, including increased engagement due to the informative and well-structured videos that kept customers interested. The positive feedback from the audience, particularly at the beginning, highlighted the effectiveness of the content.

The streamlined process allowed for efficient content creation, sometimes taking as little as 5 minutes. Additionally, Pictory enabled Mahan to effectively publish videos across multiple social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube, significantly enhancing their online presence and outreach.

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