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Sarah Delauder is Director of Curriculum at Method Schools, who uses Pictory to create engaging content for her students.   

The Challenge

Before using Pictory, Sarah faced several challenges:

  • Need for Original Content: Method Schools required original content for their curriculum, which meant their team couldn't use readily available videos from platforms like YouTube. This requirement was crucial because they also licensed their curriculum to other schools.
  • Time-Intensive Content Creation: The process of creating content from scratch was very time-consuming. This was particularly challenging as they had to cover a wide range of topics for grades K-12.
  • Lack of Engaging Content: Before using Pictory, the content primarily consisted of text and slides, which lacked the engagement and professional touch that videos could provide.
  • Inconsistency in Content Delivery: There was inconsistency in the narration and presentation of their instructional materials. This inconsistency affected the professional appearance and brand identity of their Smart Fox curriculum.
  • Resource Limitations: The team faced constraints in terms of resources (time and personnel) to create high-quality, engaging educational videos for a broad range of subjects and grade levels.
  • Difficulty in Tailoring Content: They found it challenging to find external videos that precisely matched their curriculum needs and were age-appropriate for their diverse student base.

The Solution

Pictory significantly revolutionized the content creation process at Method Schools, adeptly overcoming their previous challenges. By enabling the transformation of written material into engaging video content through its script-to-video function, Pictory offered a swift and efficient solution to producing original content.

The AI features in Pictory streamlined the creation process, allowing for the quick generation of videos with relevant imagery, which could be easily customized. This not only saved considerable time but also ensured consistency in the look and feel of the educational materials, enhancing the Smart Fox curriculum's brand identity.

The AI narration feature further contributed to this uniformity, providing a consistent and professional audio experience across all videos.

The Results

The educational content became more engaging and accessible, appealing to the modern, media-savvy student, and significantly improving the overall quality and effectiveness of their educational offerings. This transformation led to a remarkable increase in student and parent satisfaction, as evidenced by their nearly 80% NPS score, a substantial improvement from their previous ratings.

Using Pictory has significantly reduced production time, allowing writers and designers to create instructional videos in minutes rather than hours or days. The efficiency gains are described as "incalculable" due to the speed at which videos can be produced compared to traditional methods. 

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