"...our open rate with regular mail was like under 4%.... with Pictory, our open rate is in the mid-seventies"

Key Results:


NPS Score - a lot higher than industry averages


Improvement in Engagement.

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In this video, Glenn Freezman from Ruoff Mortgage, talks to Pete about how he uses Pictory at scale to communicate customized video message for their customers, and is getting amazing open rates and engagement because of this. 

The Challenge

Before using Pictory, Glen faced several challenges:

  • Mail and Email Ineffective:  Traditional communication methods (USPS mail and email) becoming ineffective, with mail open rates under 4% and emails considered outdated.
  • Getting Client To Act On Important Information: The need for a more engaging communication method to ensure messages are not only received but acted upon.
  • Customer Service: The challenge of making each borrower feel individually addressed to improve engagement and customer satisfaction.
  • Competitive Edge: The necessity to innovate and adopt new, dynamic tools like Pictory to maintain a competitive edge and relevance in the market.

The Solution

Pictory addressed Ruoff Mortgage's challenges by offering a dynamic and innovative solution that transformed their communication strategy. The platform enabled the creation of personalized video messages, a novel approach that drastically increased engagement and open rates.

Pictory's solution also aligned with Ruoff Mortgage's long-term relationship-building goals, providing a tool that could effectively maintain and nurture borrower engagement over time. Through Pictory, Ruoff Mortgage was able to overcome the limitations of traditional communication methods, demonstrating the power of innovative technology in creating meaningful and effective customer interactions.

The Results

By integrating Pictory's API with their existing mail merge system, Ruoff Mortgage could automate the generation of customized video content that spoke directly to each borrower's specific circumstances. This level of personalization made borrowers feel uniquely recognized, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, the visual and interactive nature of the video messages ensured that the content was not only noticed but also memorable, leading to open rates that were remarkably higher than industry averages. 

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