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Tim, a business owner new to Pictory, uses it to create educational Medicare videos that help his audience.

The Challenge

Tim faced several challenges before using Pictory:

  • Voiceover Difficulties: Tim struggled with performing voiceovers himself, feeling unsatisfied with his delivery and inflection, which hindered his ability to publish videos.
  • Overwhelming Video Production: The entire process of creating videos felt overwhelming and time-consuming, especially considering the need to set up a studio with proper lighting and audio equipment.
  • Script Development Challenges: Tim found it difficult to start with a blank page when creating scripts, often needing a framework to build upon.
  • Editing Complexities: Editing the videos manually was laborious, particularly when ensuring the accuracy of content and matching appropriate visuals, such as currency representations.
  • Branding and Consistency: Ensuring consistent branding across videos required additional effort and attention.
  • Feedback Integration: Making adjustments based on viewer feedback, such as changing background music, was a necessary but time-consuming task.
  • Distribution Uncertainty: Tim was unsure about the best platforms for distributing his videos and relied on his social media manager for these decisions.

The Solution

By using Pictory's advanced AI voices, Tim was able to overcome his difficulties with voiceovers, ensuring professional and consistent delivery without the need to record himself. The script-to-video function allowed Tim to start with a framework generated by AI, which he could then edit to suit his needs, eliminating the daunting task of beginning from a blank page. This streamlined approach saved him time and made the entire production process more manageable.

Additionally, Pictory's user-friendly editing capabilities allowed Tim to make precise changes, such as adjusting visual elements and correcting details with ease. The platform's branding features ensured consistency across his videos, and the ability to quickly implement viewer feedback, like altering background music, enhanced the overall quality and reception of his content. Pictory's efficient tools enabled Tim to focus on creating informative and engaging videos for both promotional and educational purposes, ultimately helping him achieve his goal of clarifying Medicare information and training agents effectively.

The Results

Using Pictory, Tim significantly increased his efficiency by reducing video creation time to under five hours and achieving high-quality voiceovers with advanced AI, eliminating the frustration of recording himself.

Tim successfully prepared around 15 videos ready for launch, received positive customer feedback, and created dual-purpose content for both promotional and educational use, showcasing the scalability of his efforts in training agents and improving Medicare information dissemination.

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